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The Anglo-Saxon Period & the Middle Ages

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Mandy Martin

on 8 August 2014

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Transcript of The Anglo-Saxon Period & the Middle Ages

Prince Charles, father of Prince William, is the current Prince of Wales.

He is in line for the throne after his mother, Queen Elizabeth.

Charles' son, William, the Duke of Cambridge, married Catherine Middleton in 2011, and she became the Duchess of Cambridge.
Ancient Times
In England-Celtics

Gaels in Ireland and Northern Scotland

Britons in England, Southern Scotland, and Wales

Reverence of nature

Priests= Druids
8th and 9th centuries, Danes and Vikings invaded from Scandinavia.
Alfred, Saxon King of Wessex- was only area left unconquered.
Unified various territories until 1066.
King Edward (Alfred's son) died, and William, Duke of Normandy, put together an army in France and took the crown.
William the Conqueror
Let the people keep their language, but incorporated French words.
The Anglo-Saxons
A.D. 43 Romans conquered the Celtics

Increased standard of living

When Roman Empire began to fall, Romans left and Britons were vulnerable.

449 CE "Anglo-Saxons"--Angles, Saxons, and Jutes (Germanic tribes)-- invaded Britian's eastern shores.

Legends of King Arthur fighting

Southeastern region of island became "Angle-land"
The Anglo-Saxon Period & the Middle Ages
Society of the Anglo-Saxons
Tribalism-Lived in small tribal kingdoms

Farming and hunting; believed in many gods

Brought legends and stories with them, such as Beowulf

Irish church attempted to spread Christianity, built monasteries

Bede the Venerable wrote the first history of England--
Ecclesiastical History of the English People
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