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Philippine Folk Narratives

No description

Cherwen Molina

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of Philippine Folk Narratives

How the World Was Made.
The Creation (Igorot).
How the Moon and the Stars Came to Be (Bukidnon).
Origin (Bagobo).
The Story of the Creation (Bilaan).
In the Beginning (Bilaan).
The Children of the Limokon (Mandaya).
The Creation Story (Tagalog).
These refer to stories that also tell about an explanation of the origin of things but often involve gods, goddesses, and other mythological characters.
Folktale (Kuwentong bayan)
Folk Epic (Epiko)
• These refer to stories that tell about the exploits and adventures of a hero and are said to be the most valuable form of ancient literature.
Legend (Alamat)
• These refer to stories that often tell about the origin of things which may be true or not.
Philippine Folk Literature
1. Myth
2. Legend (Alamat)
3. Folktale (Kwentong bayan)
4. Folk epic (Epiko)
Four Folk Narratives
What is Narrative?
- a spoken or written account of connected events; a story.
What is Folk Narrative?
- stories passed by mouth rather than writings.
Alamat ng Sampalok
Alamat ng Pinya
Alamat ng Bahaghari
Alamat ng Niyog
Alamat ng Bayabas
The Story of the Piña
Ibong Adarna
The Love of Lam-ang
The Monkey and the Turtle
The Biag ni Lam-ang
The life of Lam-ang
• a story originating in popular culture, typically passed on by word of mouth.
Folk Narratives
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