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How to present a businessplan

Edición del Prezi de Prometis Desing

Vincent Zimmer

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of How to present a businessplan

How to present a Business plan? 1. The product Internal External Strategic Analysis 2. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Weaknesses Oportunities Threats O W S T Internal External Negative Positive 3. COST/BENEFIT





Product development Licences


Dues 3. Financial Analysis 4. STAKEHOLDER
MODEL Your Company Governments 4.4 Marketing and Sales + 26 February 2009 5. TIMELINE 4.2 Risks 4.1 Structure legal form
location and head office
Company structure Chief Executive Officer (CEO)& Head of Sales Thank you for your attention! Structure

1. The Product
2. The Market
3. The SWOT-Analysis
4. Organisation
5. Risk Analysis
6. Financial Analysis Secretary Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Vincent Zimmer 4.3 Market Big Target Group:
number of potential customers
number of companies

Small Target Group:
Number of real customers 4.3 The Market Analysis Marketing Open Source Social Marketing Advertisment Blog Internet forum Community Company Sales Social Netwok CONTENTS

0. The Preparation

1. The Product

2. The SWOT Analysis

3. Cost/Benefit Analysis
3.1 Finance Analysis

4. Stakeholder Model
4.1 Structure
4.2 Risks
4.3 Market
4.4 Marketing and Sales

5. Timeline

6. Conclusion Legal procedures –
filing papers of incorporation, partnership, etc.

-->Start the Company! Finding a office Expectations for research and development Getting all necessary licenses and permits Start marketing activities 1. 4. 8. 2. 3. 5. 6. 9. 10. 11. 12. Launch Website Positiv Cashflow 4.2 Responsibilities foundation phase growth period 7. "Break-Even" Hire Personnel Shanghai Lifestyle fair Corporation with Universities 1. The Product What are YOU selling?

- "elevator pitch"

- Unique Sellsposition (USP) - Marketreseach

- Strengthes of cour competirores
and how your will react. "Any existing or potential force which could serve as a barrier to maintaining or archieving a competitive advantage in the market." Your Market - Page 21 - according to the Swot-Analysis
calculate the risk for investors Costs commercial effiziency 6. Conclusion - be prepared and follow
a clear structure - be adapted to your audience
- "be good and boring" for a credit
- "be brilliant and interesting" for a investor - Make a Businessplan 0. The Preparation - write a businessplan AND a scribt.

- practise alone, in front of people and with

- Dress seriously, but not like a CEO.

- Tell a Story. "Any existing or potential ressources or capability
within the organisation that provides a competitive
advantage in the market." "Any existing or potential force in the external enviroment that could provide a competitive advantage." Just Remember! - USP?

- elevator pitch?

- Break-Even?


- Stakeholder Model?

- Capital Value?
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