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Group Life Event - Life Groups

No description

Tevis Austin

on 10 February 2017

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Transcript of Group Life Event - Life Groups

How can I join a group?
How can we find community?
Groups provide a safe place to
meet new people, make friends,
grow in faith, and have fun.
How long does a Life Group stay together?
- at least 6-8 weeks so
relationships can form

- some groups stay together
for a season of life or a specific study

- if a group continues to do life
together and remains healthy,
the group should grow and
prepare to start another
group in 18-24 months
Share Groups
focus on sharing life together while
doing a series or study
Young Adults
Couples with Kids
Couples without Kids
(combinations of any of the above)
What is the next step?
Option 1: I'm interested in the following group: ________________

Option 2: I'm interested in forming a Starter Group.

Option 3: _________________________
Authentic Community
friendship and belonging
Men's Study
Women's Study
Young Adult Group
Spring Hills University
New Members Connection Class

Life Groups are where people do life together and grow together spiritually.
A disciple is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and committed to the mission of Jesus.
Key Question:
How will the small group help people follow Jesus, be changed by Him, and commit to His mission?
support network
a safe place to be challenged and held accountable
Study Groups
dedicated to studying Scripture
or a specific study
Support Groups
designed to provide insight
and tools for overcoming
real life issues
Service Groups
focus on serving others
Groups help form personal relationships where we make friends who could become close friends outside of the group.
You cannot engineer
or force relationships.
(It is the work of the Holy Spirit.)
Discipleship is the purpose
of our Life Groups.
What service do you attend?

How did you start attending
Spring Hills?
What is your favorite activity, food, or movie?
Table Leaders
What is group life like
for your group?
What have you learned about doing life
with people?
What kind of group might be of interest?
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