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Cultivation Theory

No description

Stacey Eyman

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Cultivation Theory

Cultivation Theory George Gerbner Effects Assumptions Resonance Four Steps TV Methodology 1. identify what TV portrays
2. develop questions that target society's perception of reality
3. survey the audience
4. compare the results of both heavy and light viewers women

kids & teens

blue collar service jobs

people over 65

working males in law enforcement

percent of crimes that are violent

percent of felonies brought to trial

percent of population involved in crime - Violence Index- Claim: TV develops a distorted perception of reality and reinforces social norms annual amount of violence present in prime time network television -when a violent or traumatic event viewed on television matches the viewer's real life experience

- this affects their perception of reality by causing them to relive their experience thus blowing the event out of proportion TV Mean World Syndrome Posh World Syndrome Promiscuous World Syndrome Beautiful World Syndrome Perception of Reality Reality light viewers heavy viewers #3 TV establishes basic assumptions about the world crime rate in prime time programming is 10 times greater than in reality
average of 5-6 physical acts of violence every hour Real World 50% of population Why so much violence? interest - emotional stimulation
increased ratings
newsworthiness - what is abnormal is more interesting than what is common NEWS
violent, action-based stories require less explanation
fast-paced broadcasting makes the world look unmanageable and intimidating Cultivation Differential- the difference in the perception of reality between heavy and light viewers Heavy Viewers - those who watch 4 or more hours of TV per day Light Viewers - people who watch 2 hours or less of TV per day Heavy viewers held an expectation of experiencing crime that was closer to the Violence Index than to real life Main Effects Mainstreaming- heavy viewers develop a common outlook despite differences in race, ethnicity, religion... Resonance - the intensifying effect of media when it portrays something you've experienced in real life 29 19 26 46 Suburb Urban 0 Residence Percentage saying that fear of crime is a very serious personal problem Resonance Effects #1 TV is unique among media pervasive - present in over 98% of homes in the US
accessible - no literacy required, ageless, relatively cheap
coherent - same message present across programming and across time #2 TV creates a cultural mainstream Blurs distinctions between worldviews
Blends diverse realities into 1 homogenous mainstream
Bends mainstream view to serve the interests of TV sponsors not a specific change in opinion or belief #4 TV is a Medium of conservative socialization functions to stabilize social patterns and promote resistance to change #5 The immediate observable influence of TV on culture is relatively small because it gives a steady contribution, the size isn't as important as the direction the effect is cumulative #6 Technology extends TV's influence other media reinforce TV's message and impact Mean World Syndrome-
the belief that the world is full of selfish people who are likely to harm you and can't be trusted measured by the Mean World Index Mean World Index
Do you believe that most people are just looking out for themselves?
Do you think that you can't be too careful in dealing with people?
Do you think that most people would take advantage of you if they got the chance? usually Mean World Syndrome is held by heavy viewers Skinny World Syndrome "Posh" World Syndrome 25% of population 10% of population 66% of jobs 10% of jobs 13% of population 1% of working males 3% of population 12% 10% 77% 13% less than 1% 64% of characters 80% 30% of population
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