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Biological Psychology

No description

Underwood SixB Psych Group One

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Biological Psychology

Geneticists and Scientists are working hard to find a linkage between genetics and behavior. In some cases, single genes can influence certain behavior. Investigation of inheritance is what an animal inherits from its parents. As a part of the biological approach is the study of inheritance and its relevance in a person's actions and abilities.
Genetics and their Influences
Twin studies
How does BP effect behavior and disorders?

The biological approach to mental health
Relevant Psychologists
Pros and Cons
Biological psychology foscuses on the physical aspects of the brain and/or body and its effect on emotional and mental health, ailments, biological syptoms of disorders, and treatments of said biological psychological disorders. Biological psychology was the primary approach when scientists began studying human psychology and how the brain and behaviour connect.
What is psycho neurology and how does it compare to BP?
Biological psychology is applied t the mind and the way one thinks. Metabolism, heredity and hormones all have an effect in some way.
When one is treated with BP, the psychologist focuses on the specific disorder and diagnoses the patient on their stress/anxiety and chemical responses of the body.
Psycho neurology is a way of connecting the mind and body. Like BP, it focuses on the aspect of the body and the messages sent to the brain.
Biological Psychology
Pros and Cons of Biological Psychology
What can Biological Psychology (BP) Be applied to?
Hannah E.
There have been many attempts to understand and modify behavior by understanding an manipulating the anatomy and physiology of individuals. Pyschologists from the biological approach assume that behavior and expiriences are caused by activity in the nervous system and body.
There have been many BP treaments that have been used, but that was before many human rights were put into effects and most treatments used when BP was formed are now banned due to human rights and ethics. Many of the treatments were very iffy, crude, and had little to no results in the mental &/or physical health of the patient who the (mostly experimental) procedure(s) were performed on.
History of the Biologocal Approach
The Voyage of the Beagle (1805-1836) - Darwin formulated the Natural Selection Theory by observing animals.
Harlow (1848) added neuroscience with information of the brain.
Jane Goodall (1957) Studied promates in Africa after discovering that chimps have behaviors similar to humans.s.
Edward Wilson (1975) Published "Sociobioglogy" which brought evolutionary perspective to the psychology field.

How relevant is
BP in modern
Studies are being conducted and applied using biological psychology. There are experiments going on in the Bio Psy
Biological psychology is not as
prevalent as it used to, and is
often used with a mixture of
other approaches, rather than
being used stand-alone.
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