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Screen Printing

No description

Trevor Le

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Screen Printing

Screen Printing?
force ink or metal through screen
A: Ink
on a surface
creates picture or pattern
D: Photo-emulsion (Mesh)
Trevor Le
commonly used for t-shirts, or garments (clothing)
To get the image on the mesh
Artwork on transparent sheet or film
Ultra-violet light
Jet of water
After printed, dry ink
When did it start?
First seen in China during Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE)
Seen and Spread late 18th century
Europe and other Asian countries
Gained popularity in 1960s
Invented screen printing machine with color!
Invented other new ways to improve screen printing...
B: Squeegee
C: Image
E: Screen
F: Printed Image
Leading it to what it is today!
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