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Romiette and Julio book report

No description

Davita Parris

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Romiette and Julio book report

Romiette and Julio
By: Sharon M. Draper

Report by: Davita A. Parris Main Characters Main Characters Cont. Outcome Summary Cont. Romiette Cappelle

A tall, chocolate skinned, model-like, 16 year old who has on intense phobia of water (mainly swimming and drowning). She has lived in Cincinnati her entire life with her Father, Cornell Cappelle, a local newscaster, and her mother, Lady Brianna, a local boutique owner. Romiette has a childhood bestfriend, Destiny, that is obsessed with stars and horoscopes. She falls in love with Julio Montague, but faces many hardships from others as a result of their interracial relationship. Summary Cont. ...Romiette and Julio didn't let this alter how they felt about each other neither did they allow it to hender them from being together. Not even the negativity from their fathers could change their minds. After a while, a local gang, the Devildogs, take their hatred for Romi and Julio's relationship to a whole new level-- a dangerous one. The Devildogs made various threats to Romi and Julio but they ignored them. When an insider warned them of their soon attempt to "teach them a lesson," the couple decided that enough was enough... Summary Setting The story of Romiette and Julio takes place in the cold, grey, gloomy city of Cincinnati, Ohio in the middle of winter. Romiette and Julio vividly depicts the downtown streets harm and danger it has to offer. With gangs running rampid in the city, violence is second nature to teenage natives of the city. Cincinnati, in the story, portrays a city far from safe, warm, and inviting. Julio Montague

A tall, strong, angry, Hispanic 16 year old from Corpus Cristi, Texas. Julio wasn't always an angry person. His anger developed when he was forced to move from the beautiful, lively, warm and colorful Corpus Cristi to the dead, cold, grey Cincinnati, Ohio. At his new school, he becomes close with Ben, the crazy guy with different color hair everyday, after punching him in the nose. Julio meets Romiette on an online chat room and falls deeply in love with her. Although he receives negativity from not only people from his school, but his own father as well, he doesn't let the color of Romiette's skin alter his feelings for her. The outcome in the story of Romiette and Julio goes far beyond just two lovers being able to be together, it's also about standing up against those that try to bring you down, not letting negativity get to you, and making a difference where ever and who ever you are. Romi and Julio did just that. When the gang members were just on their last nerves, they didn't give into the pressure the Devildogs were throwing at them. They also stood against those who were hating on the fact that they were not of the same race. It stood out to me the bravery that was shown by putting themselves in harms way to make a difference. They didn't let age, race, or social status make them think twice about overcoming bad with good. The two along with the help of their best friends, Destiny and Ben, devise a plan to set up the gang to get caught by officials. The night they were to put their plan into action, they failed and ended up getting kidnapped by the Devildogs. Both the Cappelle's and the Montague's find out about the kidnapping and after panicking, start to take action to aid in finding their lost children. The whole town soon becomes aware and the incident is broadcasted all over the news. Every one all around town come together to help find Romiette and Julio. In the end, they're both found safely and the Devildogs are finally caught. Romiette and Julio is a modern, urban replica of the famous play, Romeo and Juliette. Two teenagers, one African-American and the other Hispanic, fall deeply in love with each other but not everyone agrees with their interracial relationship, not even their parents. Romiette and Julio meet on an online chat room and find out they go to the same school. After meeting up for the first time, they soon begin having lunch with each other everyday. As time goes past, their friendship grows and develop a deep love for each other. When others begin to see this budding relationship takes its form, like all haters, they have something negative to say...
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