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Social Media 101

Introduction to social media - Humber Showcase, June 3, 2010.

nick farnell

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Social Media 101

Social Media 101 Humber Showcase 2010 June 3, 2010 Nick Farnell New Media Communications Specialist
Student Recruitment nick.farnell@humber.ca
x 5571 Humber Graduate! Bachelor of Applied Technology – Industrial Design 2007 Ontario Graduate Certificate – Rich Media 2008 MBA Candidate; Ryerson University – expected 2011 As a Humber student – very involved in ‘traditional’ social networks. Active in athletics, residence life, Humber Students Federation president. Academically focused on design and digital media. You are going to pay me to do this? As the New Media Communications Specialist I digitally interact
with prospective students. This includes social media as well as
traditional web design, interactive presentations, graphic design etc. Let's get to the good stuff. Discuss the concept of social media, then go into detail about some popular networks. Look at social media from an individual's point of view, as well as an organization's point of view. find a copy of this presentation at nickfarnell.ca I’m part of the millennial generation, I like distraction. What is social media?
Something that I want to share
Generates dialouge

(and puppies are cute!) What is social media to you? web based dialogue
user generated content
digital sharing
sense of community photos
points of view
totally pointless thoughts
Sharing what? Whats so great about online show and tell? Now anyone can be a content producer. Multibillion dollar film studios are not the only ones who can produce video for a wide audience, National Geographic is not the only place for incredible nature photography, and Encyclopaedia Britannica is no longer the major encyclopaedia producer. Anyone can be a
nature photographer, or a movie critic, or an encyclopaedia editor. From their basement. With a world-wide audience. What does this mean for accuracy? For relevance? For timeliness? Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh) some concepts from the video do you like what people are saying about your brand? no capacity to censor people trust online reviews, not advertisements Fortunately for us, education is generally seen as positive.
What about oil companies? cigarette companies? every 5 minutes more than 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube tripadvisor, facebook.com/humbercollege Questions I have been asked... Why are these services free? One main reason is to collect information to sell products. Scary right? How scary is an Air Miles card?

Air Miles tracks your purchases, ties that into your personal data of age, gender, location, etc. Very valuable for marketers!
What about privacy issues? There are ways you can change your account settings to make sure the general public cannot find your profile.

More important than that, it is an opt in service. If you are concerned with someone finding your street address through your facebook account, do not put your street address on your facebook account.
One important issue to be aware of is context. Since different people can view your message at different times from different places, the context can change dramatically. facebook example (more puppy photos) Don’t put anything online you wouldn’t want your mother (or daughter) to see! Don’t put anything online you wouldn’t say to your mother in front of a group of people. With that, lets look at some social networks Facebook

The ultimate social network. By far the most popular in North America.
Each person has a ‘profile’ with their personal information and can be ‘friends’ with other people and organizations.
Profile includes information like: name, location, birthday, relationship status, religion, education, etc
The ability to comment on other people’s content, which is announced to your friends and their friends. Activity is shown in the news feed.
The ‘news’ about your friends comes to you.
What about businesses?

Facebook Pages (Humber)
Answering questions, showing photos, relying on current students to interact with prospective students.
We can see ‘insights’ about use, demographics, etc

Paid facebook advertising... which we do not use... target very specific groups. Eg serve an add to people who are 25 years old, male, live in etobicoke, have attended Humber, etc

Short, timely messages. Often from mobile phones
140 characters or less
Everything is public, no account necessary to search.
A lot of users post seemingly random and uninteresting tweets, but viewed as a group themes emerge.

Professional network.
Online interactive resume.
No photos, no comments, no funny business.
Allows professionals to find other people in the same industry, allows companies to search for talent, allows job seekers to talk to current/former employees.

Videos. Lots of videos.
Everything from videos shot with cell phones, to music videos produced with large budgets.
Anyone (usually a company) can have their own youtube channel with subscribers.
For some reason, this is probably the worst place on the web for comments.

Photography site. Anyone can upload, but the site attracts a lot of skilled photographers.
Fun fact: most popular camera used on flickr??? iPhone
Ability to map photos, put them in certain groups, easily share, comment, and embed in blogs & websites.

Location aware network. Users ‘check in’ to physical locations. Rewarded with badges for things like who has check in the most. Broadcasts a message to twitter saying ‘Nick has just checked in to Humber College North Campus’
So what? As an example, Starbucks gives discounts to anyone who has checked in the most.
More info? Find me in the halls or on firstclass!

You can find this presentation at nickfarnell.ca Jump in with questions, comments, arguments.
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