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The History Of St. Michael's College School

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Darryl Giancola

on 15 September 2017

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Transcript of The History Of St. Michael's College School

The History Of St. Michael's College School
Fr. David Bauer
In the mid-forties David Bauer was a promising player at SMC, a sure fire pro

He joined the priesthood instead and returned to St. Michael’s as a member of the Basilians in 1953

Fr. Bauer will be most remembered for his accomplishments as a coach.

He coached the Majors to their last Memorial Cup

His coaching philosophy was to put the needs of people before the needs of the game. He focused on team play, sportsmanship, dedication, mutual respect, clean play, faith and discipline.
He basically created the ideas of how all SMC teams should be run

The "New" School
In 1950 St. Michael’s moved to Bathurst and St. Clair, the College School was viewed very much as a state of the art institution at the forefront of the post-war high school construction boom
Arch still from the original school (Tradition??)

The Beginning....
Bishop de Charbonnel
started St. Michael’s College School in 1852, using the palace adjoining St. Michael’s Cathedral.

He called on the Basilian Fathers who taught him in France for help- they sent five priests:
Jean Soulerin
, Patrick Moloney, Joseph Malbos, Charles Vincent and William Flannery

The peak period of entry of the Irish to Canada in terms of sheer numbers occurred in the 1830–50 period when 624,000 arrived, or 31,000 a year

Who can make the connection?
Our Founder
School For the Irish

Some of the first Irish students went on to distinguish themselves in the Church- Richard and Dennis O’Connor

Somewhat humorous that five priests (2 Irish, 3 speaking no English), from a French religious community with an Asian Bishop as its patron, came to Anglo-Saxon Protestant Ontario at the request of a French Bishop to serve an Irish community.

Motto and the Archangel
With Frs. Moloney and Flannery the school became a big hit with the Irish community in Toronto
What traditions do you know about SMCS?

The Growth of the School
The school outgrew the cathedral area and moved to
Clover Hill in 1856
, the area was outside the city at this time, an area bounded by Bay Street, St. Joseph and St. Mary’s Streets.
In 1881, St. Michael’s was affiliated with the University of Toronto

The College School expanded more rapidly than the college section of the university, and in 1902 a new College School wing was added. The school stayed at Clover Hill until 1950

Superior and President
1915 to 1925
The School's Programme
The evolution of St. Michael’s College from its origins as a small Catholic college focused on preparation for the priesthood, to a full arts college federated in 1910 with the University of Toronto and a high school following the mainstream Ontario curriculum (1906) was led by
Fr. Henry Carr C.S.B
Fr. Henry Carr
was convinced that....

"athletics helped appreciably to form boys into men and I also see competitive sport as a contact with the public. Sport helps to make a school belong.”

Public and Private
In 1967 St. Michael’s entered into a partnership with the Metropolitan Separate School Board whereby the board’s students could attend grades 9&10

The school would remained private for grades 11, 12, and 13
In 1986 St. Michael’s returned to its private roots and went fully private again

In 1998 the College school prepares for the elimination of O.A.C. with the addition of a grade 7&8 program
There were two classes in each of those two grades the first year and now we have 4 grade 7 and 5 grade eight classes

International Hockey
Fr. Bauer left St. Michael’s in the sixties and eventually bean the national team program where he attracted many former Majors like Terry O’Malley, Billy Macmillian and Gary Dineen to play for their country at the World Championships and the 1964 Olympics

Fr. Bauer and Terry O’Malley were instrumental in the development of the game of hockey in Japan

SMC won the prep school hockey league titles in 1906, 1907, they graduated to the Senior O.H.A. Where they won in 1909 and 1910 and the Allan Cup in 1910 as well.

Joe Primeau went on from St. Michael’s to star in a great hockey career during the period of 1911-1930 and was one of our first NHL Hall of Famers

Primeau returned to St. Michael’s to coach the Majors to three Memorial Cup titles.

The Basilians were at the centre of the hockey phenomenon. Frs. Ted Flanagan, David Bauer, Ted McLean, Rocco Volpe, and Art Holmes were all students, players, teachers, and coaches. Some were members of the
Flying Fathers

Hockey Success
SMC won the prep school league titles in 1906, 1907, they graduated to the Senior O.H.A. Where they won in 1909 and 1910 and the Allan Cup in 1910 as well.

Jerry Laflamme and Joe Primeau were early NHL stars and returned to St. Michael’s to coach the Majors to three Memorial Cup titles in 1920's and 30's.

Over the years stars continued to attend the school; names like Red Kelly, Ted Lindsay, Dave Keon, Frank Mahovlich, Gerry Cheevers, Sean Burke, Wojtek Wolski, Andrew Cogliano, Steve and Dominic Moore, Jason Spezza, Tyler Seguin and the list goes on.

150 former SMC players have gone on to play in the NHL
, many more have gone on to play university hockey in Canada and the U.S.
14 students are now in the Hall of Fame

Majors have won 4 Memorial Cups (1934, 1945, 1947, and 1961)
Buzzers have won 5 Ontario Championships (1934, 1945, 1961, 1982, and 1988) and won numerous league titles

Senior Double Blues (now the Majors) have won 1 OFSAA championship (2004) and numerous medals

Football and Other Sports
In the early 1900’s rugby was the sport for many at St. Michael’s, over the years Canadian football was developed from rugby.

SMC has won more Metro Bowl championships than any other school

SMC's Cross Country and Track and Field Teams are the record holders for most consecutive championships

And since 2010, SMC Lacrosse, Volleyball, Swimming and Basketball have won OFSAA

Over the years St. Michael’s has won international recognition for its scholarship and the contributions of its graduates in every area of professional life.

1965 Jerry Radziuk was the top student in Ontario

Three SMC grads have won Rhodes Scholarships: Don McDougall in 1925, Robert Barringer, C.S.B. 1967, and Colin Brezicki in 1970

SMC alumni include:
Members of Parliament, Head Doctors, Owners of NHL Teams, Movie Producers, Authors, and many other world class leaders

What are things that have grown in the last ten years?

What are some current traditions?

Where will you fit in with this great school?

Your St. Mike's
Just Remember to get involve
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