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The Jungle Relatives

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on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of Primates

When a daughter is old enough, she must leave the troop and find another one to join Gorilla Gorillas are the biggest species of the primates. _____________________________________________________________
_________________________________________Monkeys Prosimians
Great Apes Lesser Apes
Chipanzee Gorilla Orangutan Gibbon Macaque Lemur
_____________________________________________________________ The Primates Family Tree PRIMATES The Golden Lion Tamarin is an endangered animal. Members Present Members Top Three Prosimians, Monkeys, and Apes. (lemurs, tarsiers, lorises)
Monkeys include new world and old world monkeys. As well as macaques, babboons, and mandrill.
Apes include chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, and HUMANS. LOCATION Apes normally live in the forests of Africa and Asia.
Monkeys live in warmer parts of Central and South America, Africa and Asia.
Prosimians live in Africa and Southern Asia.
Orangutans live only on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra; they had once lived in parts of Mainland Southeast Asia.
Over all most primates (excluding the humans) live in forested tropical areas. This is the worlds smallest primate. It is known as the Lesser Mouse Lemur. Its average weight is 3.5 oz.!!! Its average length is 4 inches. they can weigh up to 600 pounds http://www.arkive.org/chimpanzee/pan-troglodytes/video-sc11b.html Endangered http://www.arkive.org/pygmy-mouse-lemur/microcebus-myoxinus/video-00.html Orangutans have an enormous arm span. A male may stretch his arms some 7 feet (2 meters) from fingertip to fingertip In Malay orang means “person” and utan is derived from hutan, which means “forest.” Thus, orangutan literally means “person of the forest.” When males are fighting, they charge each other, grapple, and bite each other’s heads and cheekpads. They sometimes look like Sumo wrestlers. spider mokey mandrill howler monkey bonobo The Primates are an ancient and diverse eutherian group, with around 233 living species placed in 13 families. Orangutan Howler monkeys have a short snout, and wide-set, round nostrils. A Howler Monkey grows to be about 2 feet in length Howlers live in small groups of about 12 individuals howler monkeys are named after there loud howels from every morning to night family tree family tree mouse lemur Lemur of Madagascar lemurs look something like a cat crossed with a squirrel and a dog. as they say in madagascar Alaotran Gentle Lemur
Black and White Ruffed Lemur
Red Ruffed Lemur
Ring Tailed Lemur
lemur types family tree fun facts Chimps and bonobos are about the same size, but bonobos are more slender and have smaller heads and smaller ears.
In bonobo society, the females take charge and keep lifelong bonds with their sons Infants are born almost helpless and must be carried everywhere by their mothers for the first two years videos These monkeys are social and gather in groups of up to 2 to 3 dozen animals Length: males 32 inches, females 22 inches; Weight: males up to 120 pounds (average 55 pounds),
females up to 60 pounds (average 25 pounds); Tail length: 2-3 inches lion tamarin is a reddish orange to golden brown in color. Fully mature at 56–75 days able to breed at 18 months of age This species was first listed as endangered in 1982 critically endangered in 1996 population still endangered 18 years or older Lemurs rely on their sense of smell as a way of communicating with other animals ring-tailed lemur Average approximately 27 years A female lemur carries her newborn in her mouth until the baby is able to cling to the fur on mother's stomach or back. Old World primates, the catarrhines, are the some of the more familiar species, and include the baboon, macaque, colobus. and langur old world rhesus monkey macaque langur There are at least 78 species of Old World monkeys in two subfamilies---the Cercopithecinae and the Colobinae
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