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Career Shadowing Sy-A'nah Lattimore

Career Shadowing Project for Mrs.Abercrombie's class.

sy-a'nah lattimore

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing Sy-A'nah Lattimore

Career Shadowing Purpose-
Jenni Thompson's purpose for working at Keller Williams Realty is to help people sell and buy homes. Future of company/business in 15 yrs-
My mentor can see Keller Williams Realty becoming larger and having more agents, Employability Skills:
-customer service
-accuracy (for giving prices)
-ORGAANIZATION!! Average Salary:

The Average salary depends on the agent. There is no exact salary, you're paid off of comission. However, the comission range is 50,000.00 to 150,000.00 a yr. Education needed-
For starting off realtors you must take 60 hours of Reality class training. For experienced agents after your 60 hours of class you must take 14 hrs of class every two years. Technology:
-electronic lock boxes
-lazer measuring device
-Digital camera SKills:
-professionalism If I was ever interested in Reality, yes I would pursue a career in this company. I like the amount of freedom you're allowed to have in this company. For example, you can choose between working in the office and working at home. When working at home you choose your own hours, but it's still a hard job no matter where you're working from.. I didn't like the time management factor of this job. Especially, if you're working from in-home. For example, my mentor had to juggle showing properties, going to closing deals, and still being a mother and wife all at the same time. I also did not like attending the closing deal, it was very boring and uninteresting.
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