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Speed Dating

(for books!)

Erin Irvine

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Speed Dating

Book Speed Dating Let's Get Started! What is speed dating? It actually began in 1998, as a way for singles to meet. You will get your Speed Dating Score Sheet--- Use this to rate the books you meet. So what is "book speed dating?" Same basic idea--you get a chance to meet a
lot of books quickly to try to find your perfect
match! Today you will have 3 minutes each with at least 5 different books. That's not much, really, but you might just get lucky and find your soul mate! Men and women rotate every 3-8 minutes and go on a short "date" to see if they are compatible. It's a way to meet a lot of people quickly with no pressure. Not every book will be your favorite, but there IS a book out there for you! With speed dating, we will try to find your perfect match! Bibliography
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