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Ciroc "its not just a drink its a lifestyle"

ad project

Brittani Uribe

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of Ciroc "its not just a drink its a lifestyle"

what is Ciroc ?

The name “CÎROC®” comes from the combination of two French words: Cime, meaning peak or summit-top and Roche, meaning rock. Its name references the high-altitude vineyards where the Mauzac Blanc grapes are grown, and the stony village walls of the famous medieval Cordes-sur-Ciel, which look onto the vineyards.
CÎROC® Ultra-Premium Vodka releases the robust flavors of every cocktail. The complexity of the distilled grapes draws out and complements the flavors of whatever it is mixed with. Add to that the distinctly clean finish and absence of alcohol burn, and you have the most celebrated vodka cocktail experience.
The look of Ciroc Appearance:

. The bottom of the bottle has a specific color, dissipating hue that makes the bottle look pretty sweet. It is otherwise clear all the way to the top. The top of the bottle has a colored, gem-like insignia that marks this specific variety's flavor. This bottle has a very contemporary design and has a very sturdy architecture. The color of the vodka is clear. Although, with the colored dissipating hue at the bottom of the bottle. The name is placed effectively in the center to be easily recognizable.

The Ciroc sent is very light. There are hints of each of the specific flavors when you take a sniff when you crack open the bottle. If you take a really, deep sniff of the spirit, you can barely smell the vodka scent. It is relatively hard to identify, overall, a very luscious smell, Definitely a very delectable smell for vodka. Doesn't seem like there will be a whole lot of burn or bad after taste
So smooth Taste: This stuff is smooooooth. The chilling down the vodka to a nice, cold level that makes this very enjoyable. When it first hits the palate, the flavor explodes. . The vodka-esque taste that we normally get from regular, wheat vodkas hits the palate, only on the exit. It isn't prevalent at the beginning of the drink but late after. This really brings out the superb quality of the grape-distilled vodka and presents itself as a staple in the vodka market. Overall: Ciroc has wonderful flavored vodka. The unique distillation process makes it vodka that stands out among its competitors. The bottle is definitely eye-catching on the shelf and makes you think twice about buying that cheaper, more inexpensive vodka. The scent is overwhelming and is full of luscious the chilled taste is great. Ciroc does a wonderful job with their varieties of vodka and is available around $28.99/750mL. If you see this stuff on/around this price, this stuff is worth having around when you are entertaining because it bring with it not only flavor complexities but class. CÎROC® Ultra-Premium is one of the world’s only vodkas made entirely from grapes. This Vodka is made from top quality "snap frost" grapes; Mauzac Blanc grapes grown in Gaillac, one of the oldest and highest vineyard areas in France. Why Grapes? Historically, vodka has been made from natural and local source of sugars and starches. But CÎROC® is an innovation in French craftsmanship, and creates an unexpected vodka experience in a category where being different is rare. Unlike grain, grapes don’t need heat to release their sugars, so it uses cold maceration, cold fermentation, and cold storage processes. Until now, only top fine wine producers practiced this process. This technique further preserves its distinctive freshness and extracts a more flavorful combination of the fruit. it's all in the
grapes. do you smell what CIROC is
1.5 oz. CÎROC Vodka
6 Leaves of Mint
5 Raspberries
.75 oz Velvet Flarernum Liqueur
1 oz Cranberry Juice

1. Shake vigorously.
2. Strain into a rocks glass filled with fresh ice.
3. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a raspberry.
this is for.. your night on the town
your summer get together
your bachelor/bachelorette party
your ladies lunch
your birthday
any occasion
"drink responsible, preserve your sexy"
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