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GLFL (Great Lakes Football League) 2014/2015 Seasosn

No description

Eric Tepper

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of GLFL (Great Lakes Football League) 2014/2015 Seasosn

Create Your Team!
Strategize and Coach!
DOAs are the team coach!
Here's the Regular Season Schedule
Oct 13-19th

Aurora vs Appleton
Green Bay vs Rockford
Wausau vs Mokena
RJ Training Week
GLFL (Great Lakes Football League) 2014/2015 Season
Every Application over weekly target goal is a field goal!!!
That's 3 Points!
Meet your weekly target and score a touchdown!!!
That's 7 Points!
What is your team name?
What is your team logo?
Train! Watch the Game Tape (NICE, Interviews, etc.) and Train some more!
Call the Plays!
Oct 20-26th
RJ vs Green Bay
Mokena vs Aurora
Rockford vs Appleton
Wausau Training Week
Oct 27-Nov 2nd
Wausau vs Aurora
Appleton vs Mokena
RJ vs Aurora
GB Training Week
Nov 3-Nov 9th
Green Bay vs Mokena
Aurora vs Rockford
Wausau vs RJ
Appleton Training Week
Nov 10th-Nov 16th
Green Bay vs Wausau
RJ vs Rockford
Appleton vs Aurora
Mokena Training Week
Nov 17th - Nov 23rd
Green Bay vs Aurora
Mokena vs RJ
Appleton vs Wausau
Rockford Training Week
Nov 24-Nov 30th
Appleton vs Green Bay
RJ vs Rockford
Mokena vs Wausau
Aurora Training Week

The Training Week
Meet or exceed your weekly target and earn a win on your record!
Miss your weekly target and recieve a loss on your record!
Outscore your opponent for the week and get a win!
Get outscored for the week and get a loss!
In the event of a tie the team with the highest number of referrals for the week wins!
Based on record at the end of the regular season it's off to...
Dec 1 - Dec 7th Playoffs Round 1
Training Week
December 8 - December 14th
Playoffs Round II
Training Week
December 15 - December 21st
Playoffs Round III
Training Week
One Team will be knocked out of the bowl
race and for the others it's on to...
The Aloha Bowl
The Chip and Dip Bowl
The Super Duper Who's Awesome Bowl I

(which is so much better than just the plain super bowl)
Dec 22nd - 28th
Dec 22-28th
Dec 22-28th
And... no matter who wins, WE are AWESOME!
So, be awesome!
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