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Role of Web Marketing Strategists

No description


on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Role of Web Marketing Strategists

Input 1 Project goals Input 3 Success metrics Input 2 Output Process Synthesize inputs
Define and prioritize business requirements
Validate with stakeholders Strategy Requirements and
Scope Definition User data Web Marketing Strategists What role do they play? What is the primary business problem we are trying to solve? What is the scope of this project?
What are the boundaries for what we will tackle?
What dependencies will impact our success? Who is the primary target audience?
What are their goals when they visit?
What actions do we want them to take? Who are the other target audiences?
What are their goals when they visit?
What actions do we want them to take? Also consider:
- User surveys
- Informal and formal feedback
- Best practices
- Comparative analyses How do we know we achieved our objectives? Prioritizes goals
Specifies functional requirements
Identifies metrics
Provides guidance for the rest of the project
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