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on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of UEM

Starting fresh
I am pursuing a bilingual B.Sc. in Marketing, taking classes both in Spanish and English.

I study in Building E, where the School of Social Sciences is located.

Where do I study?
Who are we?
UEM is a private Spanish university located in the periphery of Madrid.
School of Social Sciences
Born International
Let's head to a fresh start: Welcome Week 2012/2013!
Student Body
First Spanish university campus with ISO 14001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 environmental certifications.

Our Campus
School of Health Sciences and Biomedical Sciences
School of Arts and
School of Sports Sciences
School of Architecture and School of Engineering
School of Social Sciences
Student Residence Units
Smoke-free campus
An example
of excellence
World Bank
My Inspirations
Highly Commended Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2013

One of the two finalists for The European Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Social Sciences and Humanities (2012/2013)
Verónica Baena
Prof. Mattera teaching in Malabo (Equatorial Guinea)
Profs. Hilliard, Ureña, Alzueta and Marcos with the students on the day of the Inauguration
Students with their certificates on the day of their Graduation
Prof. Lajud and some of the students with their certificates on the day of their Graduation
César Lajud
Alfredo Rodriguez
Marina Mattera
Classes and Courses
Fostering Creativity
Marketing - formula UEM
Putting theory into practice
Student Body
The Network
Bill Clinton
Honorary Chancellor of Laureate International Universities
The LIU network allows the community, especially students, to participate in International Breakthrough Events
Exciting Events
World Innovation Forum
World Business Forum
The Laureate Summit on Youth & Jobs
Alberto Hernández
Success stories
Double B. Sc. Degree in Computer Engineering and Business Management from UEM
The teacher who helped me to build my foundations
The teacher who pushed me towards new achievements
The teacher who sparked my passion for what I study: Marketing
... that's the secret!
Know and use your knowldege
Explaining a new RA app
Spot for a marketing project
Extra training
Seven Undergraduate Schools
School of Social Sciences
Teaching Philosophy
How does she teach?
Her experience
International Student from China giving his opinion about UEM's School of Social Sciences
Claudio Fernández Aráoz
Senior consultant in Eggon Zhender International and frequently author in Harvard Business Reviews
Michael Martin
Ceo, Vibram
Steven Levitt
Co-author from the besteller Freakonomics
Extra Activities
Teaching philosophy
Check out her business card...in a QR format!
His incredible trajectory
Teaching philosophy
How can you not be inspired by such an experienced professional?
Follow your passion!
"Practice makes perfect."
We're so lucky to have him!
Welcome to the
Universidad Europea de Madrid
School of Social Sciences
School of Art and Communication
School of Biomedical Sciences
School of Architecture
School of Health Sciences
School of Engineering
School of Sports Science

My experience
Trade Commissioner
Consul General

What makes your university or college unique?
Key to bringing out the best in you!
Open your mind
Trust your colleagues
Learn from every culture
Alvaro is pursuing a Bachelors in Schience majoring both in Business and Engineering.
Alvaro López
César helped me find out my strengths
Capacity to adapt to new circumstances



Social skills

She has become a role model for a lot of students
Learning to bring out the best in you, don't miss this awesome video!
The World Bank & UEM

Project in Equatorial Guinea
Current location: Washington D.C.

Position: Visiting Scholar

Institution: The George Washington University's School of Business!
Miss "Globetrotter"
Marina Mattera
Marta de Luis
Live from Washington D.C.
Live from Madrid
César Lajud
Alfredo Rodríguez
Javier Bas
Alberto Hernandez
Cristina Santos
Alberto Moreno
Alvaro López
Jungfen Zhou
Diego Astoin
... and all the students from UEM School of Social Sciences, particularly:
Raquel Ureña
Verónica Baena
Special thanks to professors who helped us out:
The Authors:
Thanks for watching!
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