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Elizabethan Era

How does the Elizabethan era differ from the world we live in now?

Lauren Hoffmann

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Elizabethan Era

Elizabethan Entertainment How does it differ from entertainment today? hmm..... Elizabethan Music Music was played in major cities by official musicians, for free. Wealthy people hired musicians to play during dinners. Many people played their own music. DANCING Dancing was a very popular form of entertainment. Normally performed by couples. This was the best opportunity for interaction between married couples. Type of dancing depended on social class and occasion. For example... Wealthy people preferred court dances, while "ordinary people" normally danced traditional country dances. DRAMA Had the highest achievements of all time. Only men could perform. Women roles were played by young boys. Women attended plays, but wealthy women wore masks so they could hide their identity. Before theaters, plays were held in the courtyard of inns. Had to be shown in the afternoon. Since there were no artificial lights, sunlight was needed. Elizabethan Crime and Punishment Punishment was very cruel and unusal. Most criminals did not get a trial, just immediately found guilty and punished. Code names were used for different crimes. "Priggers of prancers" was code for a horse thief, for example. Private executions have replaced public hangings. People of authority have gotten nicer. William Shakespeare Shakespeare was involved with several acting companies. The Queen's Men, Pembroke's Men and Lord Strange's Men are examples. In January, 1593, all theaters in London closed due to the plauge. This had an extremely negative effect on Shakespeare's career and the careers of the actors. Born April, 1564 Died March, 1616 Married November 28, 1582 to Ann Hathaway. The Globe Theatre The second theater built by Richard and Cuthbert Burbage. Where most of Shakespeare's plays were first presented. The exact structure is not known... ...but we have an idea because of drawings from that time period ROMEO AND JULIET<3 Vocabulary from Act I withal: with What's different between the vocabulary of our day and back then? What words don't we use anymore? pay that doctrine: convince you otherwise "come and crush a cup of wine": drink a cup of wine tetchy: fretful agate stone: jewel carved and set in a ring Connections Text to Text Text to World Text to Self The play "The West Side Story" tells the story of two feuding "families" or gangs. A girl from one side and a guy from another fall in love, like what happens to Romeo and Juliet. in "The West Side Story, Tony dies at the end. In "Romeo and Juliet," Romeo dies at the end. My middle school had a lot of cliques. I was part of the music group and this guy was a jock.
After a while of glances and "hi" in the hallway, we started to hang out, but the people from our
designated cliques did not like the idea at all. We felt pretty torn, like Romeo and Juliet. Interview with Romeo Q. How do people entertain themselves? Q. Do people enjoy music? Q. Who plays music and do they have to have any talent? Q. Do you agree with the way people are punished? Q. Do you enjoy the way you live? A. There are several forms of entertainment. Plays
and sports are enjoyable to watch and play. There's nothing
worse than a bored nobleman! A. Of course! who wouldn't? Everybody
loves a good tune. Whether at dinners or
out in the square, music brings people together
and is that one thing that most humans have in
common. A. A lot of people play music! You don't have to be a professional musician to play if you have an instrument. In fact, many people play their own music. Although, musicians are hired and paid to play at dinners, for those who can afford it. A. If humans are idiotic enough to commit the crime, they must be willing to pay the price. Some punishments are cruel, but they deserve it. They don't think about what they do, so we don't think about how we punish. A. It's quite enjoyable. Who wouldn't love a life
of luxury? But being part of a feuding family is terrible. Being in love with the opposing side of the feud is just as bad. The way I live is indeed luxurious, but who am I to enjoy it without having her? Countries feud and fight. France and Germany were enemies throughout history.
Who's to say that there wasn't a German man and a French woman or vice versa
who fell in love during the fighting? The Elizabethan Era Dearest Diary... Romeo longs for something more than what he has.
His life of luxury is something most people long for, but all he wants is Juliet. He spends his days wandering through gardens wondering what life would be like if their love was accepted. Why, oh why did he have to be part of a feuding family? "Oh, how I wish I had my Juliet..." The End
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