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Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

by Ceci Nepple

Lily Is A Fictional Character

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and
Margaret Stohl The Setting The Main Characters The Main Characters The Theme Imagery The Conflict Figurative Language The book is set in the small secluded
town of Gatlin, South Carolina in modern
times. Everyone in the town has known
everyone for a very long time. The town
never changes, nothing interesting ever
happens. Not many citizens would like
it to change either. Ethan Wate Lena Duchannes is the new girl in town
and the niece of Gatlin's shut-in Macon
Ravenwood. She's also a Caster, a person
who can do magic like a witch. She's afraid
that when she's Claimed, when her powers
are to become Light or Dark, she'll change.
She's smart and strong willed. She tries to
resist the darkness in her. She's also
ridiculed by the town, everyone thinks she's
evil. She stands up for herself and perseveres,
resisting the town and her own family. She
will choose her own fate. Ethan must protect Lena from her her mother, the dark Caster Sarafine, and also help
her so she could choose to be Light, to be good. Lena has less than 100 days left before she turns 16, the day she turns good or evil, Light or Dark. She discovers she is stronger than a 200 year old curse and with Ethan's help, will choose her own fate. She finds strength in herself and family, and realizes that being different is a beauty of its own. This scene in the book is very dramatic and chaotic as it describes Lena and Ethan see a part from Lena's ancestor Genevieve. It describes the hellish events as General Sherman and the Union army march and burn down everything in their path. It describes the terrible smells, the horrifying sounds, and the nightmare that night when Gatlin was burned down. Dialect Project by Ceci Nepple Ethan grew up in Gatlin. He's one of most popular boys at Stonewall Jackson High and a star basketball player. He's desperate to get out of Gatlin, especially after his mom died. He's smart and likes to read because of his mom. He's courageous and caring. He risks his life for his girlfriend Lena and cares a lot for her. Ethan is also somewhat sad. He misses his mom a lot. He is also clever because he makes a lot of discoveries between his mom and Lena's dilemma. Lena Duchannes Character versus Self Lena is struggling to come to terms with herself, and she must except the fact that she might become evil when she's Claimed. Character versus Society Lena, the new odd girl in Gatlin, is bullied and
ridiculed by the town for being "different." Ethan
helps her battler her situation along with getting
ridiculed himself. Character versus Character Strength and Beauty "It was midnight, but the sky was on fire, The flames reached into the sky, pushing forth massive fists of smoke, swallowing everything in their path. Even the moon. The ground had turned to swamp. Burned ashen ground that had been drenched by the rains that preceded the fire. Genevieve choked back the smoke that burned he throat so badly it hurt to breathe... She could hear the screams, mixed with the gunshots and the unrelenting roar of the flames. She could hear the soldiers shouting orders of murder.... It was the smell that told her she was too late. Lemons. The tart smell of lemons mixed with ash.... Nothing had ever been able to kill those trees. Until today." Exposition Rising Action Rising Action Rising Action Rising Action Climax Ethan Wate lives in the small town of Gatlin, South Carolina. Nothing ever changes, nothing ever happens there until Lena Duchannes moves to town. Lena is ridiculed for being the niece of Macon Ravenwood, the town shut-in. Yet Ethan is drawn to her. Soon, Ethan discovers Lena and her family are Casters, people like witches who can cast spells and do the supernatural. He also learns that she's cursed and can't control her own fate, whether she'll become on her sixteenth birthday Light or Dark, good or bad. They learn that the secret to why Lena is cursed is because of something that happened over a 150 years ago. The answer lies in an old locket and the most powerful book in the Caster universe. Ethan and Lena must stop a curse, a town, and the most powerful Dark Caster of all. The Gatlin community is trying to get Lena expelled as she battles her own fate and evil Sarafine. Her sixteenth birthday approaches and Lena must come to terms with her past, present and future. Can Lena stop a curse, the town, and her evil mother as well as save herself and Ethan? "'Well, don't think you're goin' out in this weather with wet hair. I don't like how this storm feels. Like somethin' bad's been kicked up into the wind, and there's no stoppin' a day like that. It has a will a its own.'" The authors use dialect to tell how a character's voice sounds by using language from a certain region. In this case, the South. Everyone in Gatlin has a Southern accent and the authors spell words incorrectly so the characters sound like that. This helps the reader connect with the story so they can imagine what they sound like. It also gives a tone in the dialogue using dialect. Symbolism Lena and her family can't choose what they can become. They are either Light or Dark. The Light and Dark concept are very strong symbols in the book. It symbolizes that we can choose our own path, our own fate. We can choose to do good or bad, Light and Dark. It's a very powerful message and symbol telling us that we all have a choice even if Lena doesn't. Some loves are meant to be...
Others are cursed. Love, sacrifice, magic, and secrets come to Light. Can Ethan save Lena from the Dark? Thanks for watching!
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