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2012 Friends of Scouting Video - Cub Scout Version

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John Myers

on 10 January 2012

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Transcript of 2012 Friends of Scouting Video - Cub Scout Version

What is Friends of Scouting?
Value of Scouting
Why Friends of Scouting?
Why Do I Give?
Over 100 Eagle Scouts locally in 2011
Eagle Scout Honor
Makes up 28% of operating budget
Annual, direct-support campaign
Supports over 7,000 youth annually
Gives families and communities
direct-investment opportunities
Value to Units
5% discount on Cub Scout camping fees
Discounts in the retail Scout Shop
Free and discounted advancement badges
Training, recruiting, and support resources
91% of Scouts say that Scouting has helped
them overcome adversity with COURAGE
Over 65,000 hours of service were given locally
in 2011 by youth in Eastern Iowa.
Scouts collected over 86,000 pounds of food
to distribute to local food banks in the Corridor.
Projects completed by Eagle Scout
candidates contributed over 8 1/2
years of service to the community last year!
The Eagle Scout Honor is the pinnacle of
the Scouting experience. Cub Scouts is
just the beginning to earning this honor!
Ensure Scouting is
available to all youth!
Support camp operations
Provides a positive
role model to those
who need them most!
Uniforms, books, & materials
all have to be provided
FOS ensures youth without
parents are able to participate
Over 850 youth
were involved in
at-risk and special needs Scouting in 2011
Deliver fun & exciting day camp
programs such as BB guns & archery
Keeps day camp fees low!
Provide scholarships
for families in need
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
Scouting instills positive morals and values in today's youth!
Cub Scouting is built using age-appropriate
lessons all while allowing the kids to have fun!
Cub Scouting promotes FAMILY!
Builds positive relationships
Your son learns and
grows with other kids his age
Healthy Activities!
For the FUTURE
Your investment can help your unit earn......
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