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The Bluest Eye Prezi

No description

John Palacios

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of The Bluest Eye Prezi

The Bluest Eye
By: Toni Morrison

Prezi by: John Palacios
Character Analysis
Pecola Breedlove- Pecola is the main protagonist of the story. She is an eleven year old poor black girl who is called "ugly" by everyone in her life from her classmates at school to even her own mother because she doesn't have blond hair and blue eyes like all of the other American children. Pecola is constantly abused by almost everyone including even being raped by her own father later in the story. Pecola feels that if she had blue eyes, everything wrong with her life would be solved.

Claudia Macteer- Claudia is the main narrator of the story. In the story Claudia narrates as a nine year old girl but sometimes in the story she is seen reflecting back on her childhood revealing she is already an adult. Claudia is a young and sensitive white girl who is growing up in Lorain, Ohio and was raised in a good and loving family. Claudia is very different from the white children in her community as she doesn't believe blond hair and blue eyes determines someone's beauty. Claudia also hates racism. When her classmates and friends tease Pecola, she does not follow and instead is kind to her. Claudia deeply cares for Pecola and considers her as a good friend. When others harass Pecola, Claudia attacks them. Claudia even said that she loved Pecola and that she feels terrible for what she suffers through.

Cholly Breedlove- Cholly is Pecola's violent and abusive father who is also a severe alcoholic. Cholly suffered a difficult childhood as his father did not want him and his mother left him in a junk heap near a railroad as a four day old baby. Cholly is raised by his kind and loving Great Aunt Jimmy who unfortunately dies when Cholly is fourteen years old. As a result of this, Cholly has no role model to look up to. During Cholly's first sexual encounter with a girl, he is violated by two white men who force him to continue while they watch. Due to all of these events, he turns to drinking alcohol to solve all of his problems and as a result becomes an alcoholic. Since Cholly had no role model, he does not know how to be a good parent and love his children. Late in the story, when Cholly is drunk and feeling mixed emotions, he rapes Pecola. He is also very abusive to his wife.

Pauline Breedlove- Pauline is Pecola's mother. Pauline works as a housekeeper for a rich white family who nicknames her "Polly". She moved to Lorain, Ohio from Kentucky, but was born in Alabama. When Polly was young, she accidentally impaled one of her foot through a nail and also knocks out one of her teeth while at the movie theater. Like Cholly, she lived a horrible childhood and also suffers racism like her daughter Pecola. Pauline gets obsessed with becoming beautiful like the white women in America. When she feels she can never feel beautiful, she then becomes obsessed with becoming a good servant for the rich white family she works for. She lives her life enduring her alcoholic husband and two failures of children in Pecola and her son who is not spoken much about in the book named Sam.
The conflict of The Bluest Eye is a person vs. society conflict because Pecola suffers from racism by others as they harass her due to the fact that she is black. Pecola must endure all of this and despite being harmed verbally and physically throughout the story, she remains passive and does not do anything about it, simply allowing everyone to abuse her. Pecola is influenced by her community and society that only American girls are pretty and that the most beautiful are girls with blonde hair and blue eyes.
The theme of The Bluest Eye is that a person's skin color, eye color, or their nationality/race should not develop how beautiful someone is. Instead, beauty should be developed and based off of someone's personality, otherwise known as "inner beauty". Pecola exemplifies this in the story because she is often verbally and physically abused by others along with being called "ugly" due to the fact that her skin is black and her eyes are not blue. The people who abused Pecola did not bother to get to know her and instead assumed she was a bad person because she is black.
The resolution of The Bluest Eye is that Pecola loses her mind. In the end of the story, Pecola believes she has a new friend but in reality it is just an imaginary friend. The reason for Pecola losing her mind is that she feels she has gotten her blue eyes. Since she feels she has gotten her blue eyes she now feels like she can do anything. Pecola's imaginary friend reveals to her that her father had raped her a second time and that her baby is prematurely born. Pauline and Pecola move to another house across town and Cholly dies alone in a workhouse.
Plot Part 2
Throughout the story Pecola is told many times by others that she is ugly so this leads to her believing that only girls with blonde hair and blue eyes.
This causes Pecola's desire for blue eyes.
Pecola moves in with her family again once they had secured a new house.
Her life with her family becomes tough as a result because her father's alcoholism gets very bad, her mother loses her mind, and her brother often runs away due to the lack of love in their family.
The Bluest Eye tells the story of a young eleven year old black girl named Pecola Breedlove. The story is set in the autumn of 1941. In the story, Pecola desperately wishes to have blue eyes in order to be accepted amongst white children in America. Pecola feels she is not as beautiful as all of the stereotypical blond haired and blue-eyed children in America. Unfortunately, due to her skin color and the way she looks, Pecola's life severely changes in painful and devastating ways.
Nine year old Claudia Macteer and her older sister ten year old Frieda Macteer live in Lorain, Ohio with their parents.
The Macteers take in two people in a young man named Henry Washington and a young foster child named Pecola.
Pecola must move in with the Macteers because her father burned down the family house.
Plot Part 3
The story then reveals the difficult past of both Cholly Breedlove and Pauline Breedlove.
In Pauline's childhood, she accidentally had a nail impaled through her foot and lost her mind in believing she is ugly in comparison to other white people when she was a child.
In Cholly's childhood, he was abandoned by both of his parents, was raised by his aunt who died when Cholly was only fourteen, and was violated by two white men when he had a sexual encounter with a girl for the first time.
Later in life, Cholly finds his father but his father does not want anything to do with him.
Plot Part 4
One day, Cholly is very drunk and is unsure of his feelings and mixed emotions.
Cholly,feeling unsure of himself, rapes his own daughter Pecola.
Pecola is found unconscious by her mother but when Pecola reveals to her mother what happened, her mother does not believe her and instead punishes her by beating her.
Claudia and Frieda then find out Pecola has been impregnated by Cholly.
Pecola's baby dies prematurely but shortly after Cholly rapes Pecola a second time.
Pecola loses her mind believing she has blue eyes, Pecola and her mother move to a new house across town, and Cholly dies alone in a workhouse.
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