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Copy of A View from the Bridge: Context!

-The Crucible -A View from the bridge -Elia Kazan and Arther Miller

deb mcinnes

on 19 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of A View from the Bridge: Context!


unproduced screenplay entitles “the Hook” was written by Kazan/miller

1952 -
- Kazan appeared before HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee)
- Several names including Arthur Miller
- 8 members of the group theater
-Miller goes to Salem to research the Salem with trial 1962

1953 -
- The Crucible was performed in relation to the ‘Witch’ hunt’s or communist hunts at the time
-Arthur + Elia did not speak to each other for the next 10 years

1954 -
- HUAC took an interest in Arthur and denied him a passport to London to see his play being performed (he was, at this point a suspected communist sympathizers)
-Kazan responded with “on the waterfront”

-a one-act version of Miller's verse drama A View from the Bridge opened on Broadway => it was unsuccesful

-Arther revised A View from the Bridge as a two-act prose drama
-he was again denied a passport to see this play performed in london
-Miller said that he heard the basic account that developed into the plot of A View from the Bridge from a longshoreman, who related it to him as a true story.

Eddie contains traits from both Arthur and Elia Kazan
Kazan gave Arther's name to HUAC just like Eddie gave Rodolpho and Marco's names to immigration
Both did this for self preservation and selfish reasons. Kazan to avoid being blacklisted, and Eddie to stop him loosing his pride and his postion as top dog.

Eddie's and Arthurs love triangle
Eddie was Married to Beatrice
He was also in love with

Arthur was Married to Mary
He was in love with Marilyn Monroe
He divorced Mary and Married Marilin
Then he and Marilyn divorced, and she died.

and Arthurs
In the end he lost both of them...or rather they lost him
Catherine: Born and raised in America, Parents were Italian

Arthur: Born and Raises in America but parents were Polish-Jewish

Kazan: born in Turkey. later moved to America to live with his uncle. Parents are Greek
Miller’s emotional turmoil in this period was reflected in “A View From the Bridge” in Eddie’s feelings for Catherine. The play at that stage reflected his own ambivalence: pursuing the affair with Monroe, while still trying to salvage his marriage with Mary Slattery (1954)
Characters and real life
How had a View from the Bridge been affected by Miller's Life?
Eddie’s pain in seeing Catherine grow up and become an adult — and desirable to other men — had a parallel, in Miller’s close-up view of Monroe’s transformation from vulnerable young woman to world-famous sex symbol.
KAZAN: Potential idea's for characters
He had a wife called Barbra (Beatrice), a daughter called Katharine (Catherine) and a son called (Marco)=>Same as people in Arthurs book, emphasising that a View From a Bridge is about Kazans betrayal.
A view rom the bridge:
Eddie & historical context
Introduction to
original idea and the narrator
"Alfierei is
the voice of sanity"
New York At Night
He lived in an area that had Italians, Jews blacks and whites
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