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Spartacus's Revolt and The Roman Army

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Mahnoor Ahmad

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Spartacus's Revolt and The Roman Army

SPARTACUS'S REVOLT AND THE ROMAN ARMY Who were the Gladiators? The gladiators were the entertainment of Rome, who fought for survival and money.
They were prisoners, former slaves and former soldiers who volunteered. GLADIATOR TRAINING Gladiators had been trained in special schools.
In these school they trained with many weapons, had strict diets, strict exercises and dealt with harsh punishments. Thracian Style Short curved blade
Rounded shield
Leather padding to protect the arm
Protective armor Gaul Style Fought with Tridents
A dagger
Wore a fishing net around the wrist to draw the enemy into a harpooning range.
Protective armor Samnite Style Relied on Sword and shield
Wore protective armor
Common style ROME SPARTACUS LEADING THE REBELLION Spartacus with Crixus and Oenamus making themselves a triumvirate with others escaped a gladiator school in Capua. Overpowering the guards and walked away with weapons.
Went to different towns and gathered slaves and civilians.
Spartacus revolt spreading, grew the Gladiator army. Arena http://www.pagefarm.net/wiki/images/b/be/Colosseum.jpg
http://www.bwmag.in/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/This-is-Sparta.jpg CITATION: First encounter with the Roman Army The Gladiators reached the volcano Vesuvius, where a Roman army by the command of Clodius Glaber stood with 3,000 a very untrained army of men.
The Romans were commanded to block the gladiators, making the unable to get through.
Spartacus suggested to attack after sunset and when they did they easily made their way through to the Roman camps and stole military goods. Encountering with the Roman Army Spartacus came across an army of 2,000 men under the command of Varinius.
Varinius's army was afraid and did not want to fight.
The Spartans still attacked defeated the army and Varinius escaped with a few of the soldiers.
The soldiers who were left behind were forced to fight like Gladiators and some were crucified.
This added more shame to the Roman Army. ROMANS SAID ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The Roman's lost many battle and many soldiers by the Spartans.
No commander was willing to go war.
Marcus Crassus was the only one who volunteered to take down the Spartans. Attacking the Spartans Mummius one of the lieutenant's of Crassus was ordered stay behind them and not mess with them.
Mummius refused and attacked from behind.
The Spartans attacked and once again the Roman Army lost many men. A New Roman Army Crassus set up an entire new army.
He fought Spartacus in a continuous running battle until they reached the city of Rhegium.
Spartacus paid Sicilian pirates to take his thousands of men back to Sicily.
The pirates took advantage and failed to take them to Sicily.
Crassus had trapped them and ordered his men to build a ditch 15 feet deep and 32 miles across.
He starved the Spartans and later crucified more than 6,000 captured slaves. The Ending of Slave Revolts After the slave rebellion ended, Rome never experienced anything like the Spartans. Though, they feared something like that could happen.
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