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Lemonade War

No description

Carlee Shaw

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Lemonade War

Setting Summary Problem:
The problem in the book is Jessie and Evan are having a brawl. they are having a brawl over Jessie skipping a grade and being in the same class as Evan. Jessie and Evan are also fighting about who can make the most money doing lemonade stands.

The solution that Jessie and Evan first come up with was to have a lemonade war and see who can earn $100.00 from lemonade stands. They soon got tired of the war and decided to give up on the bet and forgive each other. Presentation By~ Brett,Max,
Isis,Elijah,Ella,and Carlee The characters of The Lemonade War are... The setting in the Lemonade War
was... The book The Lemonade War
was About... The Lemonade War
By: Jacquelin Davies Characters Evan Treski
Jessie Treski
Spencer The neighborhood
The Park
Jessie and Evans house In The Lemonade War there is a girl in second grade, Jessie that skips a grade to fourth grade, the same grade as her older brother,Evan. In the rest of the book Evan gets jealous of Jessie and they both start a lemonade war to see who is the best and who can earn the most money from lemonade stands. Throughout the book Evan and Jessie come up with more and more cunning moves to reach the top and win. Including taking in business partners, selling free items along with the lemonade, taking money from the opponent, and partners, having kid customers pay less then adults, also placing there lemonade stands on the hot spots of where people walk and come across daily and ruining the opponents lemonade. In the end of the lemonade war Jessie and Evan make up and drop the bet. The Lemonade War is an extraordinary book to read. Problem and Solution Theme The moral of this book is brother and sisters fight, but they are always family and will always care for each other.
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