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Dr. Spivey and The Orderlies

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Chris Peters

on 22 November 2014

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Transcript of Dr. Spivey and The Orderlies

Dr Spivey and The Orderlies
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Chris Peters
Dr. Spivey
Spivey is a kind man who would rather be working with his charts than participating in the afternoon group meetings. according to Dale Harding, "He's a frightened, desperate, ineffectual little rabbit."
He is a pushover, both Ratched and McMurphy use this to their advantage throughout the novel. "[Ratched] walked right on past, ignoring him just like she chose to ignore the way nature had tagged her with those outsized badges of femininity, just like she was above him, and sex, and everything else that's weak and of the flesh."
How Does Ratched Control Him?
Dr Spivey is just as easily controlled by Ratched as the patients
Ratched undermines him even though Spivey is her superior
Spivey is not one sided, therefore it is
easier for Ratched to gain his support
Why does R.P. McMurphy LIke Spivey?
McMurphy uses Spivey as a pawn, or stepping stool, a way to overcome Nurse Ratched's power over the patients
McMurphy convinces him to do several things that are not approved of by Nurse Ratched
*Fishing Trip
*World Series
Dr. Spivey becomes similar to his patients
Spivey gives in to McMurphy and
comes under his influence
Both the patients and Dr. Spivey were able to stand up for themselves at the end of the novel
He gains courage from McMurphy
Dr. Spivey Grows A Spine
The Doctor has put up with the nurse for god knows how long. He is finally learning that he does posses some sort of power, even though the nurse is the head honcho. It is up to the doctor to determine, or at least help determine the patient's diagnosis/prognosis and he is finally realizing his power. His new knowledge is most definitely an outcome of McMurphy's rebellion. The rebellious manor is not enough to get him sent to the disturbed ward (yet), but it is more harmless fun and poking. The doctor also realizes that he can poke and make his own contributions without being fired or accused of being a drug addict.
The Orderlies
Williams, Warren, Washington, and Geever are the orderlies at the ward.
Nurse Ratched has gotten rid of tons of orderlies who didn’t conform to what she wanted.
If they don’t hate enough – if they don’t hate her enough – then she lets them go. The ones she keeps are all black.
Chief usually refers to them as "the black boys."
Why does Ratched like the orderlies?
They dont mind using force or sexual harassment with the patients
They are more than happy to carry out Ratched's ruthless, mean spirited, and often violent orders
Ratched is able to release her suppressed anger through them
The Orderlies
The first orderly she decided to keep had seen his mother raped while his father stood by, tied to the hot iron stove.
According to Big Nurse, darker skinned they are, the more likely they are to keep the ward spotlessly clean.
The orderlies are in such sync with Big Nurse that she doesn’t even have to communicate what she wants.
The orderlies are not referred to as individuals. Ken Kesey implies that they were all taken from the same "mold"
Through R.P. McMurphy's actions Dr. Spivey is easily manipulated. he soon dicovered however, that he did not have constantly be put down by Ratched. by the end of the novel, thanks to McMurphy, Spivey stood up for himself against Ratched.
The Orderlies are always around trying to figure out a way to make life miserable for the patients. They are influenced by nurse Ratched as Spivey is McMurphy. hopefully after Spivey's bravery towards Ratched, they will follow suit.
The End.
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