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2014 Employee Recognition Awards

No description

Rachael Ferguson

on 23 December 2014

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Transcript of 2014 Employee Recognition Awards

2013 Nomination
"...was able to communicate as a go-between between management and line-staff to smooth the way and bring us to a place where we could work together to create positive solutions. But he always does this. He's been vital in helping to raise morale, team spirit, and rapport."
2014 Employee Recognition Awards

Driven by nominations
We cannot appreciate people unless someone formally recognizes the good work they have done.

We would like you to encourage your coworkers and the public to think about the great things Multnomah County staff have done - AND THEN WRITE IT DOWN.
We have a great group of employees
We have thousands of staff throughout the County helping the community in various ways every day. We help the elderly and disadvantaged, we protect the innocent, we repair the infrastructure, we promote health... Our workforce is diverse, talented, and knowledgeable.
2013 Nomination
"...they go above and beyond in the important work they do and put so much passion into it."
2013 Nomination
"...is probably the single most important person in terms of maintaining the positive atmosphere..."
The County has a process in which we can recognize the hard work everyone does in Multnomah County.

We facilitate an annual celebration of appreciation, driven by nominations from peers and the public.
Bienestar de la Familia
2013 Chair's Excellence Award Winner
2013 Award Winner for
Superior Public Service
to External Customers
Mike Pullen
FPM HVAC Engineers
2013 Sustainability Award Winner
Multnomah Evolves
2013 Innovation Award Winner
Victoria Cross
2013 Diversity and Cultural Competency Award Winner
MCSO Project Team
2013 Team Achievement Award Winner
Coury Coates
2013 Internal Customer Service AWard Winner
We CANNOT facilitate this without your help.
Please encourage your staff to submit nominations on Commons.
"The team has done a remarkable job in creating a sense of community."
"We simply could not have come this far without his excellent work."
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