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final heron fff

No description

tawfiqur rahman

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of final heron fff

Roads & Railway Division Physical Target SFYP and NSAPR-II period Bangladesh Railways Target Thank You…. To face the challenge of the twenty-first century is an acid test for Bangladesh. We need to change our outlook now to take our place in the world as a developed country. Integrated development and growth of all the sectors is necessary to achieve this goal. The Government has opened the door for this very real possibility. People of the Country are to express their solidarity by utilizing this liberal policy. The policy has been developed specifically to benefit the public. The Land Transport Policy has been formulated to meet the needs of the twenty first century. It is possible to achieve the revolutionary changes and reforms that are necessary in the horizon of Land Transport in the near future by following and implementatiing this policy. Conclusion LGD Physical Target SFYP and NSAPR-II Period Bangladesh Railways Target Total Transport Network 1. To encourage greater private sector participation in the provision of services
2. To enhance the operational capacity of railways
3. To obtain a greater share of the freight market
4. More efficient management of the railway’s assets
5. Improved Financial Efficiency
6. More effective provision of services for social needs
7. Fostering Inter-National Rail Links
8. To reduce involvement in non-rail activities
9. Improvement of Railway Safety
10. Improvement of institutional capability of Bangladesh Railway Policies for Railways 1. Fostering Safer Non Motorized Vehicle Operations
2. To create a better environment for pedestrians Non Motorized Transport 1. To regulate vehicle weights
2. To reduce pollution from vehicles
3. Improvement of Road Safety
4. Improvement of driving standards
5. Improvement of the standard of bus services
6. Ensuring efficient operation in the freight industry
7. To encourage better interchange facilities
8. Development of parking policies
9. Fostering the taxi industry
10. Increased private sector participation
11. Ensuring the continued role of BRTC in setting good vehicle operating practices
12. Modernization and Strengthening of the BRTA Road Transport and Traffic 1.Greater private sector participation
2.Effective co-ordination in transport
3.Promoting the role of transport users
4.Transport users should pay for the costs of services
5.Subsidies for transport services
6.Create public awareness for the policy
7.Encourage proper utilization of transport resources
8.Better integration with inland water transport policy
9.Increased access to transport and services in rural areas
10.To integrated transport policy, planning ,appraisal across modes Strategic Policy 1.Integrated issues
2.Road issues
3.Road transport and traffic issues
4.Non motorized transport issues
5.Railway Issues Policy Issues 8.Reduction of the transport cost of goods for export
9.Growth of traffic commensurate with economic development
10.Formulation of transport system for the greater cities
11.Introduction of an integrated transport system
12.Provision of an alternative transport system
13.Creating of awareness regarding better standard of life and safety
14.Poverty alleviation Policy objectives Land Transport Policy is essential to ensure the proper physical and institutional infrastructure transport in order to achieve national development. The economic growth of any country is dependent on land transport policy. Bangladesh is a developing country . So the people of this country spend their valuable time and money on the transport .To develop our land transport policy the government is taking various steps . In this riverine country transport opportunities will be optimized through a multimodal transport system. The Land Transport Policy has been prepared for a long term vision of at least 30 years to make the role of transport in economic activities more significant and underpin continued economic and social development. Introduction “National land transport policy” ,April, 2004. Government of the people’s republic of Bangladesh .
“Transport and Communication”, 15-16 feb, 2010. Bangladesh development forum meeting 2010.
“Country paper on Bangladesh road and road transport”, september,1996. Road and Railway Division (RRD) Ministry of Communications Government of Bangladesh. References Roads & Railway Division Physical Target SFYP and NSAPR-II period 1. Plans and Programmes
2. Non-motorized transport
3. Auto-rickshaws
4. Private Cars
5. Trucks
6. Railway
7. Traffic Management
8. Strengthening of Institutions Policies for Dhaka city 1. Vision
2. Responsibilities for Roads and Highways
3. To introduce long-term network planning
4. To maintain the road network at a level which protects the value of the investment
5. To secure a sustainable means of funding road maintenance
6. To improve the management of traffic
7. Management of road-side activities
8. To develop an integrated planning approach in road construction
9. To involve the private sector more in infrastructure, services and maintenance
10. To well protect the environment from road construction programmes
11. Bridge Policy
12. Fostering the Contracting Industry
13. Fostering Inter-National Links
14. Improved Organization of the Roads and Highways Department Policies for Roads 1.To provide a safe and dependable transport policy
2.To give laws and regulations conducive to providing service
3.Fare control
4.Determining the roles of the governmental sector and private sector
5.To maintain an economic and environmental balance
6.To ensure maximum good utilization of governmental funds
7.Expansion of the role of transport in the ever increasing the economic activities Policy objectives A presentation
National land transport policy Course No: URP-3141

Course Title: Transport policy and planning Presented by:
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