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Abigail Wittwer

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Verbals

There are 3 different types of verbals. They are gerunds, participles, and infinitives.
Verbals and their functions
Gerunds are verbs that act as nouns
They tend to end in -ing
They can be objects of prepositional phrases, direct objects, subject complements, and indirect objects.
Gerund phrases have a gerund, modifiers and/or complements
Examples of Gerunds
They don't like
We enjoy
She got a ticket for

The first two examples use gerund's as direct objects but the third acts as an object of a preposition.
Examples of Gerund phrases
a needle

in a haystack

would be very hard.
on school work

is against the rules.
The red is is gerund, the green is the gerunds subject, and the blue is the prepositional phrase.
A participle is a verb acting like an adjective.
Usually ends in -ing, -ed, or a different past tense ending such as -en or -d
A participle phrase has a participle, modifiers, objects and/or complements
A participle phrase uses commas when its at the beginning of a sentence, comes at the end or interrupts the sentence.
Examples of participles
girl was upset
on the beach,I saw a dolphin.
, she hugged her brother.
The words in red are the participles.
Participle Phrases
Removing his jacket
, Matt went to the restaurant.
Having been a tennis player
, she knew how to coach.

The phrases in red are the participle phrases.

They include a verb and the word to.
Infinitives are verbs acting as an adverb, noun, or adjective
to dance
to sing
to eat
to read
to love
Infinitive phrases
She agreed
to give
me a ride to the mall.
I have homework
to do
after school.
They asked me
to bring
the desserts.
He wanted me
to go
to party with him.
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