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Game by Walter Dean Myers

No description

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Game by Walter Dean Myers

Game by Walter Dean Myers
The conflict in this book is man vs. man and the characters it is between is Drew and his basketball coach. The conflict occurs from about the middle of the book to right before it ends. The conflict broken down is, Drew's basketball team get two new players and the college coaches are looking too much at them and not enough at him. So Drew tries to solve this by taking matters into his own hands and instead of playing for the team he decides to play for himself and the coach takes him out for it. Drew plays for himself for a couple of games until his coach calls him to his office and tells him what he is doing wrong. At this meeting the coach tells him that he needs to get along with the new team mates, which he hasn't been doing and he says that that is the only way he will get recruited. Drew must save his game at his high school playoffs or he might not get recruited to a good college for basketball. He knows he is not going to college for his grades so that might be his only hope.
The theme of this book is not to be selfish and the author shows this to us because Drew, the main character shows off during a game to try to impress the college recruiters that are there and his coach embarrasses him by pulling him out of the game. Drew doesn't earn his lesson the first time and does it again the next two games and the coach finally realizes that Drew doesn't understand why he is getting in trouble so he calls him to his office and they talk it out. Drew and his coach talk about it and Drew finally realizes that he needs to play for his team and not for himself. Walter Dean Myers shows the readers that being selfish means that you will not accomplish much because you are not being an active member of society. Without the support of your peers and the general society you will not gain approval and what is the point of doing something if you can't benefit from it. Walter Dean Myers in a way compares the basketball games to real life because Drew doesn't get what he wants by doing what he was doing so he had change his ways and this compares to real life because being antisocial and keeping yourself from the outside world doesn't benefit you and in one way or another you will lose something because of that. After the meeting with his coach Drew realized that he had to play for his team to get a scholarship to some college. Drew finally fixes this problem and learns his lesson from it at the playoff game and his team was more close-knit than they had been ever before.
The main character, Drew is the character that develops the most throughout the story because he starts out thinking that if everyone on the team had game than they will win but he quickly realizes that something about his coach changed. Drew changes close to the end of the story when his coach gives him a wake up call that the team needs to be a team and that if they all play for themselves than they would lose. Drew's sister is the biggest character that isn't on the basketball team and she is just like any other little sister that always needs to be the center of attention and is always running there mouth but is somehow still loveable. Ruffy is Drew's best friend and teammate, Ruffy and Thomas are the most talked about characters that are on the basketball team with Drew. Thomas is one of two new white kids on the basketball team, the other one is Malcom but he isn't talked about much in the story. Thomas is the coaches main focus and that makes him most of the other players focus too, including Drew. Thomas is a nice boy but is misrepresented to the rest of his team because he gets special treatment even though he never asked for it. The coach's name is House and the author gives the feeling that he was an easy coach the year before but that he changed because the team hadn't made it as far as he wanted to in previous years.
Summary and Rating
Drew Lawson is an avid basketball player for his school team but this year there is a new kid in town named Thomas. Drew along with the rest of his team notice that Thomas is getting treated better than everyone else on the team. Drew doesn't trust Thomas even though he tried to be friendly towards him many times. Along with that Drew is treated worse than normal by his coach even though he is only doing things that benefit the team.

Though I didn't think this book was bad it was very repetitive and got old after a while. I would give it 3.5/5 stars.
This story takes place in Harlem Where Drew grow up and is set around present day. The setting is important to the story because Drew lives in the slums of Harlem and his mother gets really scared when dangerous things happen like shootings. This contributes to the book because Drew's mothers anxiety prevents her from letting him do as much as he normally would be allowed to do. Other parts of the story are set in Baldwin High School where drew attends as a senior. Drew's basketball team also travels to different high schools to play their games and there is some conflict shown at the games between the two teams too. The most visited area in the book is either Drew's house or the teams practice area. Those two places contribute to the story because they show Drew's two main aspects of his life and where he spends most of his time. The time of the story contributes to the theme because if being that the story is set in present day Harlem there is a lot going on in terms crime and also a lot of people try to get into colleges through scholarships and they didn't that a long time ago.
Plot Diagram
This story starts out at a faster pace than the rest of the rest of the book by giving the reader a bunch of names and telling them a basic overview of Drew's life. The Plot builds up in the rising action as some strong feelings are made between Drew and Thomas. Drew is also starting to realize that his coach is acting different and so is the rest of the team. The climax is when Drew wants to try his hand at fixing the problem that he sees when the coaches pay more attention to the two new white guys more than him. Drew starts playing for himself more than for his team and it spirals him down into the falling action. The falling action occurs when Drew is hit right in the face with the reality that playing against his teammates and only for himself won't get him to college on a scholarship. Drew has to snap out of it before the playoffs or else he might not get into college at all. The conclusion is when Drew gets on top of his game and finally learns how to play for his team.
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