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Lord of the Rings

Ceejay Garrido

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Saturn

In the early 1700's Galileo and a few other astronomers.... Looked through a telescope.... And found a strange looking planet, which we know today as.... Saturn has the most extraordinary rings of all the planets in our solar system They are made up of billions of ice particles, and are most visible when the sun reflects off of it Saturn's auroras are very similar to the Northern lights here on Earth It's auroras are caused by energetic winds from the Sun. Saturn is the 2nd largest planet in our solar system next to Jupiter. This ringed beauty is actually a gas planet consisting of mostly Helium and Hydrogen A Dutch astronomer, Christiaan Huygens, discovered through much observation.... In honor of Hygen, the Cassini spacecraft was carried out into the Saturn system by the Titan lander in 1997. Around 1656, Hygen discovered more about the rings of Saturn. In Roman mythology, Saturn is known as the Time Lord. (Chronos) When he soon realized his kids were a threat to his throne, he went ahead and ate them all. that there were rings around the planet Saturn in 1656.
But since his siblings were immortal, they flourished in their father's stomach without being digested.
**Similar to the Percy Jackson book. But his wife, who took care of Jupiter and fed Saturn a rock hoping that Jupiter will save his siblings. When Jupiter was older he tricked his dad into drinking a mixture that made him throw up his siblings, then fought him and sliced Saturn up with a scythe. Then sent him to a pit in Pluto's domain. ENTERTAINMENT Saturn 3 BOOKS Saturn

Saturn is my name; I'm first

Of planets high above the earth.

I am by nature dry and cold,

And my works are manifold.

I in my houses firmly stand-

The Goat and the Waterman.

I do much damage by my might,

On sea and land, by day and night.

My exaltation's in the Scales,

But in the Ram my power fails.

It's thirty years, harsh and malign,

Ere I come again to the same sign.


http://www.billyandcharlie.com/planets/planetstext.html *Poems* O Thou Stern Saturn

Hi there, another of my big brother!
Far, too far, nigh on our solar tether,
My people seem scared of thine evil eye,
Perhaps ill-advised, or thine mystery.

I do marvel at thine rare starry strings,
At thine long, far too long solar innings,
Sole among my brothers wearing such rings,
O giving my imagination wings.

And I can't but covet thine many-hued heaven,
Which, ye two big brothers monopolise—
Ah, moons of many a splendor on rise,
Thine darkling nights and cold days to brighten.

Thine son— gigantic Titan— we envy,
One's, very own air, dwarfing Mercury!
Aniruddha Pathak

http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/o-thou-stern-saturn/ Art *note: Saturn does not have many actual pictures because it is a gas giant By: Edrolin, Danielle
Garrido, Ceejay
Gerges, Mira
Ohyama, Akane
Saiki, Alyssa
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