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Julie Payette

Julie payette

Rebecca Henereti

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Julie Payette

Julie Payette is an accomplished Canadian Astronaut, and a very Educated woman who has had a great role in astronomical history. You would say she is an amazing woman that you could really look up to.
Julie Payettes additional info
Fluent french and English
Able to converse: Spanish, Italian, Russian and German
Accomplished singer and runner
Deep sea diving suit operator
French immersion made after her: Julie Payette French immersian P.S.
Space missions: STS-127, STS-96
Space agency: NASA, Canadian space agency
Astronaut since 1992
First canadian participant in the ISS mission assembly
A mother of daughter Laurier Brisette
Julie Payettes Backround
Born October 20th 1963, in Montreal Quebec
International Baccalaureate (1982) Atlantic World college of the Atlantic in Wales, UK
Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical (1986), cum laude, McGill university
Obtained a commercial pilot license
Applied science- Computer engineering (1990), university of Toronto
Julie Payettes Contributions
First canadian participant in a international space station assembly/aboard the space station
spacewalk supervisor/operated canadarm robots
worked technical issues in robots for the ISS program for the Russian and European space agencies.
Acted as lead Capcom (capsule communicator) Houston, Texas NASA mission center space shuttle mission STS 121, 2006
Now has Scientific authority in the Quebec department of economic development, innovation and export trade
Engineer/mission control specialist responsible for the systems
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