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How Christians can live out the Beatitudes

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Katarina Butler

on 5 September 2016

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Transcript of How Christians can live out the Beatitudes

How Christians can live out the Beatitudes
What are the Beatitudes?
The beatitudes are a set of ideas created by Jesus himself about the way people must act and the things they must do in order to achieve 'blessedness', a well being of the soul.
These blessings were given by Jesus in the Sermon of the Mount, right when he was gaining popularity.
What are the Beatitudes?
In this sermon, the following groups are blessed;
The poor in spirit
Those who mourn
The meek
Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness
The Merciful
The pure in heart
The peacemakers
Those who are prosecuted in the name of justice
What do the Beatitudes mean?
Jesus is blessing the people with the qualities required to be a faithful member of the church. He blessed people who are humble, gentle, merciful, peacemakers, pure of heart and those who mourn for all the sin in the world.
How the Beatitudes apply in the modern world
The beatitudes are still relevant today as they show the qualities needed to truly live out the word of God.
One must see the sin and harshness of the world, and mourn for it, in order to make a positive change. Jesus blessed people with these qualities as they have a true and pure-hearted relationship with God.
How can Christians live out these values?
Christians today can live their lives the way Jesus wanted them to by always striving for justice and peace, and by loving God wholly.
The following slides show examples of what people can do to live out each beatitude.

Poor in Spirit
Those who are poor in spirit will:
Pray for others rather than themselves
Give up their free time to volunteer
Work to ensure God is part of their everyday life
Those Who Mourn
Those who mourn will:
Be comforted by God after the loss of a family member or friend
Mourn for the loss of others and the sin of the world
The Meek
Those who are meek (gentle and kind) will:
Feed homeless individuals
Leave clothes for clothing drives
Humble themselves before praying to God
Consider the feelings of others before making certain actions
Those Who Hunger and Thirst For Righteousness
Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will:
volunteer and peacefully march against unjust laws
Join organizations to help end violence and suffering due to lawmaking in other countries
Fight to stop any civil rights violations
The Merciful
Those who are merciful will:
Forgive others for their sins
Treat everyone with respect
Give everyone equal opportunities
The Pure of Heart
People who are pure of heart will:
Read the bible and completely open their heart and mind to the meaning of the passage
Interact with others, working not to show prejudice or bias
Do a good deed without expecting anything in return
Show kindness in everything they do
Those who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness
People who are persecuted in the sake of righteousness will:
Participate in protests for causes they believe are right even if police will be there
Stand up to others even if they will be mocked
Be proud of their religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality etc. even when they are oppressed because of it
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