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Sheldon Cooper

Psychoanalysis of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory

Qi Jia

on 12 January 2013

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Transcript of Sheldon Cooper

PART II Erik Erikson Psychosocial Development "It is human to have a long childhood; it is civilized to have an even longer childhood. Long childhood makes a technical and mental virtuoso out of man, but it also leaves a life-long residue of emotional immaturity in him."
— Erik Erikson (1902-1994) Sigmund Freud Big Five Theory People use the word to describe the trait and behavior of a person. Everyone is unique, and has distinct personality but people still have many common characteristics. Different personalities contains dissimilar characteristics. Psychologist categorize personalities according to the difference of characteristics and behaviors. In "Big Five" there are five categories of the personalty. People use Big Five theory to psychoanalysis a person. The Big Five is very board and comprehensive, and it contains: Nuroticism, Extroversion, Openness, Conscientiousness, and Agreeableness. Jean Piaget and Cognitive
Theory Jean Piaget is a influential psychologist. In the cognitive theory he stresses that the mental process makes progress as human become more biologically mature and the existence of appropriated environmental condition. There are four stages in his theory: Characteristics: Extremely intelligent(prodigy)
Logic and independent
Lack of common sense and rare understanding of sarcasm and irony
Lack of social skills(Asperger's Sydrome)
Childlike qualities
Eccentricities, stubbornness and lack of empathy
Hard to keep secrete
Obsessive–compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) SHELDON COPPER! WHO IS HIM? But... What determines
his personality? Erik Erikson is one of the most famous American psychologist and psychoanalyst.
-He brought his own theory of personality, which is different from Sigmund Freud and there are EIGHT STAGES.
-He saw development as a series of CONFLICT AND RESOLUTION stages EIGHT STAGE PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT! Birth--18 Months 18 Months--3 Years Old 3 -- 6 Years Old 6 --12 Years Old 12 --18 Years Old 18 --35 Years Old 35 --65 Years Old 65 Years Old + ormally, children will have the feeling of Trust if their psychological and physical needs have been satisfied by the parent during the infantile period.

They may also feels mistrust if their parents have not give necessary love and care.

The mistrust can lead the child to a serious problems in the future, such as suicide and difficulties to make friends. Trust vs Mistrust N B ack to Sheldon, his mother is very caring, and she provides enough protection and attention to Sheldon.
Although he complains a lot about his mother, he still
loves and trust his mother. The problem to make
friend is not due to mistrust. Autonomy vs Shame Autonomy: during this stage the child is encouraging to experience or learn something independently. Shame: children are pretty vulnerable at this time, and they will feel shame if they fail to explore and study individually. SHELDON COOPER is autonomy and he is hard to feel shame and because of his poor social skills. He is extremely SMART and has a IQ of 187, his mother think he is the only one who can succeed among his siblings.
He is more likely work independently because he is not comfortable to work with others. The success at this stage has encouraged Sheldon to work separately in his ongoing life. Initiative vs Guilt Sheld n also called this stage as Play age. Boys and
girls take the initiative in creating fun. They
starts to initiate the action of adult. For example
the girl always thinks herself as the mother to
take care of the Barbies, and boys imagines that
they are the driver to manipulate the toy cars and trains. Erik Children may feel guilt to the unfortunate
result. Although Sheldon is very highly
intellectual adult he also have the
childlike characteristic, such as playing
trains. He also need other people to take care of
him when he when sick. When he was sick
it is a huge disaster for his friends. Industry vs Inferiority Friendship Also the incomplete stage has
influenced Sheldon more than
the problems with friends. As he
had no social life, it is hard for him to understand other people
and different situation. this causes him less care and empathy about the surrounding. At this stage children start to learn new skills and knowledge in school. They will also contact with peers. The social interaction with friends is crucial, if it is successful they will feel industry; if not they will have the problem of making friends in the future. It is one of the biggest problems
for Sheldon, not being good at
making friends and social interaction(Asperger). He thinks the way to make friends as a math problem and he is trying to solve it with the diagram. The reason that
he fails at this stage and it cause
the trouble now. Identity vs Role Confusion N ormally, the child is trying to find its
identity at this stage, but they may also feel
confused about their future roles. As we know that Sheldon is a very discipline and organized person. He started the college when he was 11 years old. It is rare to go to the college in such a young age. He also makes plane for his future and he knows what exactly he is going to
do in the future. He has no confusion about his
future, and this good hobbit of being
organized still keeps him ahead of
his peers. Generativity vs Stagnation Sheldon & Amy Intimacy vs Isolation What about Sheldon ? Erik stated that people starts the relationship with
opposite sex person. If they succeed they will feel intimate. If it is not successful, they will feel isolated and distant. The failure may also fear them away to have relationship with others. Although Sheldon has a "girlfriend " Amy, she
is just same kind of people like SHELDON. They are
all extremely smart, having a great job, and not good at social interaction. From the video we can see that Sheldon make an relationship agreement, which explicitly states the different situations in their relationship. This problem are caused the
failure of the third stages. Although we don't
know what is going to happen in the next, we
can know that it is hard for Sheldon to know
the love behind the relationship
and he may feel isolated in one
day....... When we talk about Psychology, Freud is one of the most influential psychologist in his field. He developed the theory about the unconscious mind. He also mentioned the sexual motivation. Although there are many arguments about his theory, he is a noteworthy psychologist. NOW~ we are going to use his psychoanalytical method to look at Sheldon. Phallic Latency Genital Anal Oral When babies were born to 18 months
old, they are heavily dependent and interest
on the oral activities such as sucking,eating,
mouthing, and biting. Those behaviors satisfied their needs. The failure may lead to
some bad behaviors and habits such as biting
his nail, smoking, and drinking alcohol. 18months--3 years old INSTEAD of interested in the sucking and biting, they start to get gratification from expelling and withholding feces. At this stage they start to know rules and disciplines from the toilet training. The success of anal stage makes the child being clean and organized in the future. It is also the first time they start to control themselves. From the click we can see that Sheldon Cooper is a very organized person, he will knock on 9 times on the door and calling their names when he goes to other people's home. We can see his organization not only from the knocking, but also folding cloth and following schedule every day.

He is also a germ phobia and super clean person. He will clean his hand once he touched some dirty things and he use the air cleaner many times in a day.

I believe the strict control during the anal stage make him so organized and clean. 3--6 years old During this stage children change their interest again from the feces to their genital. One of the most theory is the Oedipus Complex which son have a unconscious sexual desire for his mother and compete with his father. The girls will have the same feeling with their father. At this stage they know the fear of punishment for those feeling. They start to realize their gender
difference and learn from the same-sex
parent. OMG! Do I have a sexual desire for my mother? 6 years old--adolescent At this stage, children are not very interested in the genitals they start to change their interest to the social interactions with the peers. They play with the same gender friends.
For Sheldon he was not interested in the socialization, and he was attracted by the science and knowledge. He is smarter than others and attended to the college when he was 11. Adolescence--Adulthood Sexual interest again become main part of this stage. They start to establish a mature relationship with the opposite sex. From Freud's theory the sex is the motivation and they get pleasure from it.
For Sheldon he has no idea about the real relationship. The reason that Amy becomes his
girlfriend is that he think Amy as another superior
and intellectual person like himself. At this stage people start to reflect their early life and make a new objective for themselves. Some people will continue to face new challenges, and some may stop moving forward which knows as mid-life crisis.
I guess there will be no change for Sheldon and he will
continue moving forward. At this time he will be more intimacy with Army, because he starts to care and understand other people in the new season. Ego Integrity vs Despair At the end of the life stage, instead of doing something interesting, they will start to reflect on their whole life. Some people will feel satisfied and happy about their previous stages, and some may feel despair because they
missed some opportunities and not
as amazing as their peers. Sensorimotor Stage; Preoperation stage; Concrete Operational stage; Formal Operational stage. Although many people think
this method is not accurate because there are distinct cases for different people, this theory is still one of the main
stagey we used to psychoanalysis a character. And now let us see Dr. Sheldon Cooper Sensorimotor From the birth to 2 years old. Children possess the motor, which they know the existence of the objects from the observation even in a very short time. They cannot independently think and understand the people and object around them. Although Sheldon is super smart, he cannot understand surrounding subject. Preoperational Normally, at this stage (from 2 to 7 years old) children start to develop their language skills, and they start to view the things around them from their own perspective. They don't know the scientific knowledge to explain the surrounding environment. They have no ability to realize the quantity of the substance and they judge from what they see. Continue..... For Sheldon he is more intellectually mature than his peers. He starts to use some basic scientific methods to explore the world. He is not really interest in the socialization with his family because he think it is boring and hard. He acquires most of the knowledge from reading books at this stage. He is curious about the truth and thing he doesn't know when he was small. This shapes his personality,and he thinks
the book is the source of
happiness~~~ Concrete Operational During the age of 7 to 12 years, boys and girls
star to develop their logic thinking skills. They
get the primary education from school and
family. They start to think and understand the
problems independently. They realizes that
many thins can be reversed. In elementary
schools the students will begin to have their
own working habits, which can bring a
positive impact to their future. He was ahead of other people at last stage, therefore he will still be far ahead than his peers in this stage. He is eager to study, and he shows his talent on the professional working field. He attended the college when he was 11. He studies the pure academic concepts. He understands the abstract theories and can solve many hard problems by himself. At the same time he losses
the chance to work with his peers, and
this is one of the reasons that he
is not good at socializing. Formal Operational operational stage happens during 12 years old to adulthood. The teenagers are more biologically and mentally mature than the previous stages and close to the adult. They get the formal education from schools. They start to study the abstract concepts, and develop their own problem-solving model. They realize that good habits can not only apply to the studies but also the relationship
between other people. The formal At this level, Sheldon is continuing the pursuit of the pure knowledge. It is pretty hard to work with people who are older than you. He can get gratification from being ahead of his peers, but he also loses the chance to work and socialize with
other people. This makes him hard to
understand different situations and
people in the future. Now he is an
Asperger. Personality Now, we are going to use the Big Five Theory to see Sheldon's personalities. Introvert Open to Experience Conscientious Big Five Theory Unstable vs Stable Extrovert vs Introvert Open to experience vs not open Agreeable vs Antagonistic Conscientious vs Undirected Stable Sheldon's emotion is stable, he rarely shows the negative emotion such as aggression, anger, and self-pitying. Not only he is a very rational, but also he knows how to depress those negative feelings. He is very calm,self-satisfied, and patient. From the video you can see that Sheldon use his method to depress his
angry and he is a stable person. Sheldon Cooper is a introvert people, and his social circle is small. He is good at working with other people. His bad social skill may be one of the reason, but I also think he is a introvert people. He is talkative when he talk to the people that he knows. He is not willing to take part in any social activities and events, and he always ruins it. He thinks to be alone is better than many
people gathering together. Sheldon is a very imaginative and curious guy. He always thinks about something that other people will not image. He enjoys the ideas and pictures in his mind. Although he is a physicist, he is good at other subjects such as biological and history. He has a board of interests. He have some ideas that
are beyond his age. He also think himself
as a superhero. In a word, he is a open to
experience. Opposite to agreeable, antagonistic people always put self-interest in front of them. They do not care about other people's feeling and do thing that benefits them. Although Sheldon is a totally antagonistic, he is more close to this type of personalities. He is a has a very high IQ and extremely low EQ. Biologically, it is hard for him to think about other people feeling. He is not willing to try to understand other people's feeling, and his friends have not forced him to understand it. He always asks people to do things he likes. Sheldon always has his own reason to do it
and it is very hard to win him. He always put his interest
in the priority. He also does not like to cooperate with
other people. He do not believe in other people
because he thinks that they are not smart
enough. He also lost the competition
because of his suspicion. Antagonistic Sheldon Cooper is a conscientious person. He is reliable and self-discipline. He precisely follow the schedule that he made for himself. He hate to be chaos and disorder. Once he promised to do something, he will do all the thing that he can do to achieve the goal. He is also a ambitious person, and he compares himself with the smartest guy. He always tries to do some notable things. For example he
wants to build a nuclear reactor to generate
supply unlimited energy to his hometown
when he was 7 years old . Mental Illness Many people have been suffering from the mental illness such as OCD, and different kind of phobias. Sheldon is not as normal as other people, and part of the reason is that he has some mental illness, which make him uncomfortable with other people. now let us see what
illness does Sheldon has. OCD Specific Phobias Phobia Many people have things that they are afraid of. Some of the fear seem unreasonable to other people, but the patients are undergoing some stress and anxiety that other people cannot understand. For example Sheldon Cooper has ornithophobia(fear of
bird),hemophobia(fear of blood),
xenophobia(fear of stranger), acrophobia
(fear of height). In other people's eyes
it is hard to believe, but they all
occur because of the previous
experiences. Sheldon's Ornithophia The statistics show that 2.5% of the world population has the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
Patients have unlike degree of OCD that for some people it is not a serious problem. From Sheldon's behaviors we can see that he has a slightly little OCD. The typical symptoms of OCD are planning daily schedule, concerning about contamination, and doubting something likes the door and tap has not turned off. In Big Bang Theory some of Sheldon's behaviors show that he has OCD, but not serious. He runs the his routine everyday, he always cares about
the hygiene. Many people feels stressful and anxiety and it can cause the disorder. Phobia is one kind of disorders. There are two categories of phobia, the social phobia and specific phobias. Sheldon is afraid of the conduct with the society. When Sheldon was small, he had not involved in the socializing relationship with his peers and he had been bullying by his classmates. This all bring him the bad memories about the society.
Therefore he is unwilling and fearing
about the society. ID SUPEREGO EGO Unconscious Conscious The id is the unconscious idea of people's mind, and it follows the pleasure principal, which people doing some things to satisfy their desire and want. It is hard for them to concern about the moral believe.
Many things that Sheldon have done are considered as id. He rarely thinks about other people's feeling, and he get pleasure from it. This is somewhere between ID and SUPEREGO. Ego ideal person will think about the moral beliefs before they did something, and they will also get pleasure. Ego follows the reality principal. Superego is extremely moral, it belongs to the conscious part of people's mind. They always do things that is right from the point of the society and the moral beliefs. They have their standards to do everything. Big Bang Theory PART I Big Bang Theory is one of the greatest comedy TV shows. Today we are going to psychoanalysis one of the protagonists in the show, and I believe that many people love this person. First have a guess, whom do you think will my character?
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