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Sewing Do's & DON'Ts

Apparel 1, 4th block Mrs.Hurley

Diana Huynh

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Sewing Do's & DON'Ts

Do NOT hold a needle in your mouth while pinning clothing, you can accidentally swallow it and fatal results may follow.
Do NOT use any broken or bent needles
DO NOT place your fingers around any moving machine parts (especially needles)
Do NOT iron over pinned clothing (Can damage clothing piece & scratch iron!)

CAUTION - Do NOT do any of the following DON'T clean the machine or remove needles while its on.
DON'T pin fabric on the underside of fabric where you can't see the pin
DON'T began sewing with loose materials (thread, needles,etc)

Continuation of DON'TS Always DO let the feed dogs do their work in moving the fabric
DO unplug the machine when cleaning it
DO wear thimbles when operating a sewing machine
DO read over instruction manual before using a sewing machine
DO sew gently and slowly when working on difficult project Continuations of DO's Only use sewing machines in designated areas of the class room
Do make sure the machine is switched off and the food peddle is packed away when finished
When handing someone scissors make sure you hand them the handle part of the scissors
Do make sure there are no pins left on an iten when getting ready to iron

The Do's The do's and don't s when sewing By. Diana Huynh The don'ts
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