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Family Doctor Research

No description

Nabeel Mansoor

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Family Doctor Research

Family Doctor Nabeel
Mansoor Job Description Family doctors are usually the first place families go when someone is sick or have some health problems. Daily Duties Treat wide range of injuries and illnesses
Give and update prescriptions
Advise and give information to patients
Doing annual checkups
Filling paperwork
Giving immunization shots Why did I choose this job? Get to help people
Well respected occupation
Very good pay
Don't need to go to a doctor, I am the doctor Qualifications It shouldn't come as a shock to you when i say doctors have to do extra years of schooling, have excellent marks etc. After all you might be responsible for someones life one day Schooling Undergraduate University Program 3 or 4 years of undergraduate Uni programs. They include required science courses (e.g. Biochemistry, chemistry, biology, medicine). Some people decide to add a masters degree to their studies since getting into medical school can be extremely hard, and they want to add they want to add that to their title. High School Education To enter a medical school you need
to have the following courses in grade
12 Biology
Calculus After you receive your undergraduate degree from
university, its time to step up and go to Medical School But entry is not easy, you need to have excellent marks in the sciences. There is also an extremely long entry exam, which can be 4-5 hours long Medical School Some medical schools in Canada include
University of Toronto
McGill University
University of Alberta
University of British Columbia You're in medical school for about 4 years.
They provide a general medical education, when you finish the program you become doctors of medicine (MD). In the last year you do an exam to get your medical license. If you pass than you officially become a doctor. Residency Program Think the work is done? Think again. After you get your license, you do a 2-3
residency program. This is the probably the most fun part of your education. This is hands on education in a hospital or clinic Costs On average you'll be in school for about 10 years (4 years university, 4 years medical school, 2 years residency)

According to the AMA in 2009 the average
debt a medical student goes into by the time they finish their studies is $160,000. Medical school can be range anywhere from $20,000-$40,000/ year Specialized Skills The ideal person for this job needs to be/have Earnings The earnings of your average family doctor
vary from city to city. But, the average family
doctor in Ontario makes an average of $62/h

That equals to about $16,120 per month
and 193,500 per year Thinker
Communication skills
helper Doctors have to be smart, and thinkers
because they have to be in school for a long time
they need to remember all their education and
training to help patients to their full abilities. The doctors would need to have
excellent communication skills
so you don't mishear the symptoms and
prescribe the wrong medication Doctors are there to help people, so you have to
help people for a better cause. So they might have to put up with the occasional rude patients, screaming kids etc. This pay will be good for the lifestyle
I'm hoping for. Working Conditions Imagine the last time you went
to your family doctor, that's the working
condition. (duh). Doctors usually work in a clinic or medical
office, sometimes in a hospital or nursing home.

The overall working conditions is a calm place with a receptionist at the front desk. There are 2 or 3 rooms in the back where the doctor does the work. And a waiting area for the patients Excellent pay
Great status
Get to help people
Extra 10 years of
Lots of student debt
Very stressful
Long hours

Job Satisfaction/Stress satisfaction stress Related jobs, future trends, self-employment opportunities
One of the related jobs that you can transfer to from being a family doctor is to become a science teacher, professor or teach hands on at a residency school. Becoming a doctor is one of the most secure jobs in the world, because anywhere you go they always need doctors. You can become your own boss in this profession if you decide to run your own clinic. Community Involvement So far I have no community hours I plan to get volunteer hours in places
such as nursing homes, so I get used to helping
people. Another place is the library so I can become more organized, as you need to do a lot of paperwork in doctoring. Reflection After doing this project, I'm still interested
in this job. The part that interests me is the
the status and pay. The part that doesn't intrigue me is the extra 10 years of schooling. After I did the research on this occupation I was shocked to see that the schooling was 10 years. And that you could go into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. I like science over other subjects so I feel this will be good for the occupation. I have good communication skills which is also really good for this job, and I like to help people which is another thing that's needed for this job. Career Course Reflection Careers has showed me different jobs, opportunities, Showed me my different skills, taught me how to make resumes, how to apply for jobs. Some activities that we did that are good are The skills booklet
Making the resume
This job research activity
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