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Social Media for Nonprofits

No description

William Diamond

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Social Media for Nonprofits

Social Media for Nonprofits
Salsa Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits! (2014)
If you have a multichannel strategy*, donors are 4 times more valuable than single channel donors!
Online revenue and online monthly giving are up 21% and 43%
Twitter followers increased by 264%
Clickthrough and response rates are
for email!
*events, social media, direct mail & email
Salsa calls millennials anyone born from late 70s to early 2000's. They are future activists, and do not respond to "traditional" media.
even 43% of 65+ have at least one site!
How could My Nonprofit Benefit?
Identify Influencers using "Social Append!"
Increase Fundraising
Maximize message's lifespan by asking users to share and retweet
Social Append
Email has had some bad press over the past few years, but it still delivers the highest return on investment of any marketing channel ($40 for every $1 spent). All great news, but email marketing still has it’s challenges, open rates remain problematic.
Both email and social media have their pros and cons, but when the two channels combine (the technical term is called “social appending”) the results can be pretty awesome.
Social appending lets you add or “append” your nonprofit email database with social media addresses and other social data - giving you the kind of insight about your email subscribers that you could previously only have dreamed. For example, say someone in your email list donated to your “Save the Sea Turtles” campaign a year ago, social data about that same person can tell you what’s on their mind today and what else they’re passionate about.

By integrating what you know about your supporters on social media with the emails you send them, social appending makes it much easier to tailor your messages to certain individuals or groups and connect and engage with them across multiple channels, breaking down those pesky silos that separated your email and social media outreach in the past, and blow your click through rates out of the water!
A social append tool...imports your email database and returns a multitude of information about your subscribers based on their social media activity.
You’ll get to know your supporters demographics, occupation, location, interests, brand affinities, as well as where they hang out socially online and who their friends and influencers are.

Here are just a few of the benefits of social appending:

Learn which of your supporters are on social media and the networks they favor.
It can also tell you which networks you should be allocating your resources to....Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter appeal to different audiences. People come to their preferred site expecting different experiences, knowing where your supporters are is a great way to learn about the types of interaction and content they prefer.
Identify your most loyal supporters.
Social data can tell you who your super-fans are, i.e. those who support you across multiple channels. Using social append tools you can geo-target these loyal supporters by grouping them in your email software and tailoring communications and specific campaigns to them, such as high ask appeals or volunteer recruit drives.
Compare the behaviors of engaged and un-engaged supporters or slacktivists.
How does the social behavior of your active donors and volunteers compare to those who show support but rarely act? The difference between the two groups can help your adjust your new donor/volunteer appeals messaging accordingly, you can also use the data to go after other potential supporters with similar profiles and behaviors.
Monitor real-time social media conversations by your email subscribers
Sounds creepy, but imagine being able to fire off an ask to a specific supporter or group when a Twitter conversation mentions keywords, hashtags or anything else related to your cause!
How does Social Append Work?
Mistakes on Instagram
Mistake #1: Sharing Bad Photos
You know how you stop paying attention to your Facebook friends who are constantly posting the worst photos ever? The same goes for Instagram.

There are two really easy tips for taking good photos that everyone should know... The first is get in close to your subject. The other is to avoid overly posed group pictures of your events. If you have a speaker at one of your events, just take a really good picture of them at the podium instead of several awkward ones with everyone on your organization’s executive board.

Mistake #2: Not Tagging Anything
Instagram is just like Twitter in the sense that you can use hashtags to label your images, making them easier for people to find. A public library posts a picture of a Star Wars themed storytime should use tags like #starwars, #library, #storytime and #usetheforce.

Mistake #3: Having An Inactive Account
If you want to maintain visibility with your followers, you should try to post daily at the very least. Sometimes you might not have anything that exciting going on... upload a picture of something that has happened previously.

Mistake #4: Never Liking Photos
Although it focuses more on the visual side, Instagram is a social network. That said, it works best when you actively participate. So if you see any photos that are related to your cause or from similar organizations, you should like or comment on their images.

Mistake #5: Not Following People In The Community
One of the hardest tasks for any non-profit is getting support and getting advocacy within the community, thus making the appropriate introductions. Instagram can be used to network with other non-profits by simply following their accounts. Hopefully they will follow you back

Mistake #6: Not Realizing The Big Picture
Like with any project, you need to promote across several channels. Instagram makes it really easy, as they allow you to cross-post your images to Twitter and Facebook as well. You can even promote your account in low-tech ways, like sharing your account info in press releases.

From Huffington Post (2014): Six big mistakes nonprofits are making on instagram!
Good Instagram Examples 2015
Getting Started With Instagram
Instagram Videos 2014
More than other media, a place for two-way conversations, not just to promote your content.
Audit: does your audience use Twitter?
Why are these the "top 10 handles" for nonprofits?
Twitter: Introduction
Using Twitter to Your Advantage
Profile Basics
Design Best Practices
Making Connections
Twitter Lists
I like Nashville symphony; edutopia; Rails Trails. Why?
Instagram tips
look at analytics; viewer; contests!
Shorty Winners
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