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Host Team Training - Tips

No description

Amanda Sims

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Host Team Training - Tips

Here are some tips on how to find your way through variety of chat situations. This will help you create a great experience for our attendees!
So...what if I need to know...?
Create a
Welcoming Environment
Welcome people by name.
Invite people who haven't chatted to speak up and say hello.
Treat every chatter as though you were looking forward to hearing from them.
Chat with a smile on your face. It comes through in the words you type!
Think of how you'd feel in a new place, and what would make you feel comfortable. Do that for them!
Spark Conversation
The best way to do this is to ask questions. Here are some ideas:
"I'm logging in from __, how about you?"
"What's the best part of your week so far?"
"What are you looking forward to?"
"I love the line in that song that says, '____' What does that mean to you?"
"Pastor Craig just said, '_______' What do you think about that?"
Sometimes a chatter will want to talk about something that is off topic to the point of being a distraction. Here are some ideas to bring them back on topic:
"That's an interesting topic, Sue, but today we're talking about ____. What are your thoughts on that?
"Hey Bob, did you catch what Pastor Craig just said about ____? What do you think about that?"
"Joe, did you see the Notes tab? You can follow along with the message there."
Responding to
Porn Seekers
Remember, most of these visitors don't realize where
they are, and if they do, they expect to be judged. When they ask for porn, sex or girls, use these ideas to invite them into the conversation:
"Hi Max, we don't offer that, but I'm glad you're here. We're discussing __. I'd love to know what you think!"
"Hello Joe, we may not have what you were looking for, but we're watching a great video. Will you join us?
"Hi Lucy, great to have you with us! I'm curious; what do you believe about God?
Responding to
People Offended by
Porn Seekers
From time to time you may encounter a chatter who is upset about porn seekers joining in the chat. It's likely they don't realize that we intentionally invite people to our site from these Google searches. Turn the conversation around by saying something like:
"We believe God brings each person to Church Online for a reason. We make every effort to welcome all our visitors with grace and kindness."
By the way,
Point People
to Live Prayer
Often our attendees will use the chat to share a need or discuss a difficult situation they're facing. It's good to let them know we care, and to invite them to talk and pray with one of our Live Prayer Team. You can do this by saying something like:
"Sue, I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through a rough time. We have a team who would love to pray with you now. Just click the Live Prayer button to the left."
Encourage a
Response to Christ
Everyone who comes to our site is on a different place in their path toward God. While the call to Christ (or "altar call") is happening, use encouraging language to let people know that they are loved by Jesus just as they are. Help them know they don't need to fix up their lives before the come to Him. They can come just as they are.
have you met Chat Cat?
CC's a Chat Host rockstar
(which is impressive, considering how hard it is to type when you only have paws and no opposable thumbs), and he'd love to show you a few tips and tricks for those times you say to yourself, "You said WHAT in the Church Online chat!?"
Keep clicking to see how Chat Cat
redirects some crazy convos!
any single ladies here?
Hi WantzAGirlfriend! There are lots of people from all around the world here. :) Is this your first time to Church Online?
turn on ur webcam
Webcamz— Welcome! I don't have a webcam, but I'd love to chat with you here. What do you think of the video so far?
I want #####
Hey BBDude, so glad you joined us today! Where are you chatting from? I'm from Oklahoma, USA.
this is not what I was looking for…peace!
Wait, Outta_Here! We'd love you to stick around and chat with us. Can I ask you a question?
Repeat x10:
sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex
Hi Repeat! Welcome to Church Online! We're here discussing what Pastor Craig is saying in the video. What do you believe about God?
I can't believe these people talking like that. Don't they know this is a church?!
S+U— We believe God brought each and every person here to Church Online for a purpose today! No matter where they come from, we welcome everyone with grace and an openness to talk about real life issues. If the chat's too distracting for you, feel free to click the video to go full screen.
Chat Cat bonus!
==> A couple of times during each experience, when the inflow of guests really picks up, you might consider copying and pasting the 2 paragraphs under "What is Church Online?" here: http://churchonlinedev.lifechurch.tv/what-is-church-online/
Chat Cat bonus 2.0!
==> Don't be afraid to take your conversations a little deeper if people stick around. For example, you could say, "WebcamzRule99, I know the Internet can offer a lot of things that seem to be great for a little bit- gambling, chat roulette, porn, etc. But at the end of the day, they only bring you more emptiness, right? I found freedom, acceptance, and love in my relationship with God, and I want that for you more than anything! Would you like to hear more about that? I'd really love to hear what you believe too."
Thank Those Who
Give to Church Online
When someone gives to Church Online,
they are helping to make this global ministry possible. When giving is mentioned in the video, be sure to express gratitude to those whose financial sacrifice contributes to Church Online.
"Thanks to all those who give generously to help make Church Online a reality!"
Encourage People
to Invite Others
to Church Online
When people like what they see and hear, they are likely to tell their friends and family to check it out as well. Encouraging this, especially at the end of the experience, helps remind our attendees to share Church Online with others. Post something like:
"If what you saw today impacted you, take a moment to share it with someone who may also enjoy it. You can use the share buttons to the left of the screen!"
You're doing fantastic! Click here to see what's next!
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