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Copy of Persuasive Elements of the Declaration of Independence

No description

Amy :)

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Persuasive Elements of the Declaration of Independence

Persuasive Elements of
The Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson and the Second continental congress's purpose To justify why the colonies are leaving Great Britain Authors Situation The colonies are dissatisfied with Great Britain so they are preparing to leave Authors Audience King of Great Britain Evidence and Examples Used to Prove point Invades the rights of people
Harassment of colony
Created new officers
Colony quarters soldiers in time of peace
Forcing laws on the colony (intolerable acts)
Abolishing Good laws
Turning Indians against the colony Emotional Appeal and powerful words Referring to "Our Country"
They state that King George is turning them against themselves - "The executioners of their friends and brethren"
Britain is influencing the thoughts of savages to attack them
King belittles them and won't listen
Use of powerful diction
Arbitratry Government
Absolute rule
Sacred Honor
Dissolve the Political Bounds Syntax and Diction Because of the formal nature of this document it uses very complex sentences to prove their creditability to Britian. For the same reason the diction is also very formal.
The first half of the second paragraph is all one large sentance. 100+ words in one sentence!!!!! literary techniques and rhetorical devices Use of Literary Techniques
and Rhetorical Devices "Prudence will dictate"-personification
"Form of government... becomes destructive" personification
"He has..." Parallelism
"That" Parallelism
Talks about God to guilt people into supporting the cause Main Pattern of Reasoning
Gives a list of what a good government should be then tells how Britain is in violation of it THE END
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