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The Review Essay

No description

TAMIU Writing Center

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of The Review Essay

The Review Essay
The Purpose of the Review Essay
Reviews are used to express one's informed opinions on whether or not a subject is/was successful using
common expectations
as criteria.

Commonly reviewed:
Written Works
Suggested Organization Schemes
By Criterion:

I. Introduction

II. Description/Summary of Subject

III. Strengths & Weaknesses of 1st Criterion

IV. Strengths & Weaknesses of 2nd Criterion

V. Strengths & Weaknesses of 3rd Criterion

VI. Conclusion
A Restaurant Review
This example review is one you might find on a TV channel whose audience is travelers. We will discuss how it is similar to and different than a review you would write for a class.
This presentation outlines the general academic expectations for the review essay and how one should be constructed.
You can use the arrows below to navigate. For further instruction, visit prezi.com/support.
We use reviews every day:
before purchasing a product or service (restaurant, movie, music album, cleaning agent, etc.)
before experiencing something (vacation destination, for example)
to see how others' opinions compare and contrast to our own
to understand a subject which isn't immediately available
By Strengths/Weaknesses:

I. Introduction

II. Description/Summary of Subject

III. Strengths of the Subject

IV. Weaknesses of the Subject

V. Weighing Strengths vs. Weaknesses

VI. Conclusion
A Restaurant Review
What criteria did Anita Menon use when judging the restaurant?
Why did she choose those criteria?

Was there any information that could have enriched the review or made it more complete?

How does Menon's short review differ in organization compared to the two example outlines?

How would her criteria have changed if her audience was a famous chef?
If it was for the general public?

Did she point out any weaknesses in her restaurant experience?
Is this a problem?

How does the medium of the review influence the description of details? (TV vs. Essays, for example.)
Getting Started
1. Choose something that
be reviewed. There's a list near the beginning of this Prezi.

2. Experience it. Go see the movie, eat at the restaurant, etc.
In some cases
, it might be better to know the common expectations beforehand so you can focus on those criteria while you're experiencing the subject (restaurants are an example of this).
In other cases
, the subject might not follow common expectations but still be successful, and you'll have to form your opinion after the experience is completed (films are an example of this).

3. Form your opinion.
Was the subject successful based on
common expectations
Features of the Review Essay
1st Section:
basis for the rest of the review
identify your topic and offer background information
thesis (whether or not the subject was successful and which criteria you use)

2nd Section:
describe the subject in adequate detail for the audience to understand the subject
3rd Section:
discuss how the criteria were met or not
use evidence
relate to
common expectations

4th Section:
bring closure to the subject
recapitulate on the thesis
offer overall judgment
avoid introducing new information
Find background information on your subject.
When was the subject created?
Who created it?
Why was it created?

What are other people saying about it?
Read other reviews, and listen to others' opinions.
Why do you agree or disagree?
Start Writing
Revise and Edit
Is your thesis clear?

Are your statements supported?

Is it well organized and logical?

Does your conclusion provide closure to the paper?
TAMIU Writing Center
Thank you and stop by the Writing Center!

Location: Dr. Billy F. Cowart Hall, 203
Phone: 956.326.2884
E-mail: writingcenter@tamiu.edu

Find us online!
Website: tamiu.edu/uc/writingcenter
Facebook: facebook.com/txamiu.writing
Twitter: twitter.com/tamiuwc
Pinterest: pinterest.com/tamiuwc

Appointments are welcome, but walk-ins are accepted.
1st Section:
identify your topic
offer enough background information to familiarize readers with the subject

2nd Section:
3rd Section:
analyze strengths and weaknesses
use evidence
4th Section:
offer overall judgment
refrain from introducing new information
Is your introduction strong?

Did you include a description of your subject?

Do you acknowledge others' views?
Incompetent victim(s)
Elusive predator
Haunting aesthetic
"Unexpected" scares
Loud noises
Tension-inducing music or sounds
Purposefully related to the mundane
The criteria you choose should be based on
common expectations
with your audience.

This can be difficult with some subjects, like film.

Updated: 7-14-2014
What makes a good slasher-horror flick?
What else?
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