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Sonia Casalins

on 21 January 2013

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INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING Where is it? Try to use a map
Date of inscription
Why is it in the list? Historical place, natural, etc.
Visiting times, tips, etc.
Why did you choose this one? PREPARE YOUR PROJECT In pairs or groups of 3 go to the UNESCO website:

Choose one place in an English speaking country (UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, etc.)
Read the info in the site and go to the links at the end of the page to look for more information.
Place your info in a cardboard, include pictures, itinerary and curiosities. What is Heritage? The evidence of the past, such as historical sites, buildings, and the unspoilt natural environment, considered collectively as the inheritance of present-day society.
UNESCO is an international association that takes care of the Heritage all over the world. But is every Historical and Natural site in the List?

Can you think of any Heritage in Spain? EXAMPLES CITY OF BATH (UK)
Historical site GRAND CANYON Natural place (USA) Archaeological Ensemble of the Bend of the Boyne IRELAND (Archaeological site) WORLD HERITAGE UNESCO TO HAVE A GOOD MARK Don't do your research in Spanish

Use English at all times

Include pictures

Add Curiosities
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