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The Search for WondLa

No description

Alex S

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of The Search for WondLa

Theme Song
For my text to self connection I am relating to Eva Nine. In the book it appears that Eva Nine is the last human on earth, she feels like she is different than everyone else and fells like no one understands her. Eva wants to belong and I fell that is what I want to do. Most people in junior high just want to fit in, or they fell like they don’t belong. That is how I relate to Eva Nine.
There is something small inside of all of us that has the capability to change the world, that small spark is hope. Eva could have just abandoned the idea of WondLa and other organisms like her, but no she persevered and when darkness came she lit a match and kept on going. The message this book send out is that even when you feel like you are alone or different, have hope in yourself. The world is a big place and you have no idea what is out there until you go and see for yourself. Eva Nine was scared, lonely, afraid but she kept on going and some pretty great things happened because of it. So when the going gets tough, have hope in yourself and you will succeed.
Dorcean's, a specimen of blue, black, grey, white fur and a mighty build. Most dorcean’s unlike the obvious stereotypes aren't aggressive as Besteel. The infamous Besteel, a bounty hunter for Queen Ojo of Solas. His duty is to capture rare specimen and send them to the extraction house in the palace. Apparently it is to pay of his brothers debt to the queen, but most people including myself believe that he is just ruthless. His most recent task is to capture and kill Eva Nine, for reasons unknown. His weapon is a blue and silver sonic riffle often referred to as a boom rod. Will Besteel complete his mission or will it be his last ?
Song Explanation
I selected this song because I feel like it describes the close bond that Eva and Muthr have. When Eva Nine has to flee the sanctuary due to Besteel’s attack, she refuses to leave without Muthr. Through thick and thin Muthr has been there for Eva, raised her like a daughter and trained her for times like this. Days later Eva Nine comes back to the sanctuary, to gather material, food and most of all get Muthr.

The lyrics state
“ And I don’t even know how I survive"

When Eva Nine left the Sanctuary, she had only completed a small portion of training and did not know how to survive on her own. Let alone for having stepped outside for the first time in her life.

" I won’t make it to the shore without your light"

After reliseing there is no going back, Eva is determind to find out who or what WondLa is. With the help of Rovender she will travel to the “great” city of Solas, but she cant survive without the guidence of Muthr.

The main connection is that Eva needs Muthr, and Muthr needs Eva. They have a connection not just from a program or a softwere, Murthr is Eva's mom and they can't survive withour each other.
The Search for WondLa
By Tony.M DiTerlizzi

Armin van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie
This is What it Feels Like
“Tiny-perhaps." Rovender kept his eyes fixed on the rings. "Insignificant-never, Eva Nine. No living thing is insignificant.”
- Rovender , The Search for WondLa

“Despite what you hear and say there will always be that one voice that will always be true to you.”
- Tony DiTerlizzi
 No one knows better than Eva Nine, that what you know and love could be taken from you in an instant. The underground sanctuary 573 was home to Eva Nine her whole life, living along side her guardian, Multi-Utility-Tasking-Robot ( also known as Muthr ). Eva only knows the outside world from holograms and her training sessions, and with every simulated sunrise and sunset her hunger to go into the real world grew larger each passing day. All she has from the outside world is a small piece of cardboard labelled WondLa, which she found in a hidden compartment of the sanctuary. One day her wish came true, an immense creature that goes by the name of Besteel forces her out of her home and into the real world.

Now that Eva is in the real world more challenge’s lie ahead. When Besteel attacks again she is sent to the queens palace is the big city of Solas and contained in the extraction room. That is when Eva notices all the the stuff from her sanctuary. There are others like there out there but the real question is, what will it take to find them ?
Tony DiTerlizzi was born in Los Angeles, California on September 6th 1969, but as a young child Tony, his two younger siblings and his parents packed up all their things and moved to South Florida. As a child he enjoyed roaming the shoreline looking for insects and going swimming at the beach, but more than anything else Tony loved to draw and read. Later in life he gained a degree in graphic design from the Art institute of Fort Lauderdale. This New York Times best selling author and illustrator, and has created some of the most riveting drawings of this century. Aside from WonLa, one of his tremendously popular book collections is the Spiderwick Chronicles, which he co-created with Holly Black. 
I chose a dove for my first symbol because it reperesents hope. In a world full of darkness Eva found light, with her hope. She belived there were others like her, and due to her persavirance and hope she may have just found what she was looking for.
I chose the ominipod for the second symbol in my book because it is a life resource for Eva, and she depends on it for her survival. In one part of the book Eva breaks her foot and uses the omnipod to instruct her how to make a splint. Over all this devise serves an important role in the book, that is why it is my second symbol.
The Land of WondLa is Earth as far as Eva Nine is aware of. Long ago this place was Earth, but not the one you and I know of. Earth was dead, very little living organism or plants inhabited the surface, that was until King Ojo came along. King Ojo delivered a new use to the planet of Earth, soon it would become Orbona. Creatures of turfins, sand snipers and water bears rome the land and minimal human activity remained. This is the planet of Orbana, the home of WondLa.
Eva Nine is about twelve years old, curious and rebellious. She is cared for by a robot named Muthr in a Sanctuary officially called HGPR underground facility 573. More than anything else Eva loves her brown thermal sneakboots and complete holo collection of Beeboo and Company. She trains for Earth surface terrain so if an escape is needed she will be prepared. When she evacuates the Sanctuary during Besteel's attacks, Eva meets a lanky, blue alien named Rovender Kitt. Now that they are together will they are able to find others like Eva ?
I chose a phoenix for my third symbol because it represents re-birth. One of the most monumental parts of the book is when Eva realizes that she is not on planet Earth. Earth was reborn as Orbana as the phoenix is reborn through its ashes. The phoenix goes through stages of birth, life and death as did Orbana.
For my text to text connection I am relating the Search for WondLa to the City of Ember. In the City of Ember Doon and Lisa live in the underground city , to protect them from the outside world. Much alike the City of Ember, the Search for WondLa also begins underground, but in the HPR facility 573. Also both books take place in distopian worlds. That is my text to text connections.
My final symbol is a library because at the end of the book, when Eva finds WandLa it is in the New York library. That is when she truly realizes that Earth was taken over by King Ojo and that she is no longer on Earth. So that is why the library is m final symbol for the book of WondLa.
If you are planning on reading this book. do not read ahead
For my fourth symbol I am doing the survival sign. This s relevant to my book because Eva Nine has to learn to to survive out in the wilderness without the luxury of her nutrition pellets. Survival is one of the most crucial parts of this book and without learning how to survive the protagonist would have died.
My text to world connection is the age old question of “Is there anything else out there”. This relates to my book because Eva Nine wants to know if there are others like her out there on Orbona. Many people wonder is other life forms exist, in my books case other humans. That is my text to world connection.
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