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Country Manager

No description

Poh-Lin Yeoh

on 18 July 2011

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Transcript of Country Manager

Expanding AllSmile into Latin America Mexico Argentina Venezuela Peru Chile Brazil Your Role: You play the role of a toothpaste category manager
for a major consumer products company

For the next 10 "years," you and your team will build the"Allsmile" brand in the Latin American region

The ultimate goal is to establish a REGIONAL presence in Latin America via a sequential market entry approach Step 1 Step 2 Price Price sensitivity Distribution Traditionals, self-serve, hypermarkets, web Advertising New ad/adapted ad Product Keep in mind Country Manager Simulation Major International Marketing Tasks
Deciding which markets
Deciding how to enter markets
Deciding on marketing programs
Deciding on marketing organization Where do customers shop? What motivates their purchasing decisions What are their level of awareness? Set prices to meet local market conditions
or to maintain multi-country pricing consistency Understanding gray marketing implications Budgeting methods Allocating promotional expenditures Differing ad and promotional
objectives across markets Allocation of sales force and promotional
efforts across channels The financial impact of each decision Margins Fixed costs and
capacity utilization How many SKUS to introduce? Should they be introduced all at once or over time? http://www.interpretive.com/rd5/index.php http://app2.interpretive.com/cm3/i.php http://app2.interpretive.com/cm3/i.php http://app2.interpretive.com/cm3/i.php
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