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What Music Means To Me! :)

This is my prezi about my favourite singers and why I like them! <3

Janofa .M

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of What Music Means To Me! :)

What Music Means To Me! Music means so much to me. Most of the time I listen to music because I love it so much. Sometimes I also listen to music to calm down :) During my presentation you will see my favourite singers and why I love them so much! Hope you like it :) Ariana Grande! Ariana Grande is my #1 favourite. She is my idol. I really like her because she's very sweet and she never swears in her songs. Now I'm going to show you the teasers for her new single The Way, Which was #1 on Itunes 7 hours after releasing. Ariana was born on June 26 1993. Bridgit Mendler! Bridgit Mendler is a very good singer. The main reason I love her because she has a perfect attitude and she sings great! Now I'm going to show you the teasers for her songs 'Hurricane' And 'Ready Or Not'. Zendaya Coleman! I like Zendaya Coleman because I love her singing and her songs, Which have a very good tune to them. My favourite song is 'Swag It Out'. Now I'm going to show you the teaser for her song, (Which is my favourite) 'Swag It Out'. Instruments! The instruments I've learned to play are very fun and I'm excited to learn more about them. One of them is the Violin! I've been playing the Violin since I was 6. I learn Carnatic Music. When I started learning I was the youngest in my class and I still am! But I don't mind. I had a really small Violin and now I gave that to my cousin. He got inspired to play the Violin from me. I've played my Violin at temples, and at a yearly concert that my Violin teacher plans, and at lots of other places. Another instrument I play is the Keyboard. The Keyboard that you saw is the exact one I have at home. I started Keyboard when I was 7. In the beginner level you learn songs that you know like Happy Birthday, But when you get to bigger levels you learn hard songs. There are book numbers and from book 2 and on it's all Tamil Songs, Which are hard to play. I skipped the first exam because the teacher said I didn't have to do it. Sometimes I didn't do the chords because my hands were too small. I also know how to play the Clarinet and Recorder which are very fun instruments! I wanted to play the Clarinet because my sister used to play it and I loved how it sounded. One Direction! I don't really know why I like One Direction. I just like them because they sing great and their songs are very catchy! :) The first time I listened to music was probably when my sister watched tv and the shows had songs in them. My sister was maybe 5 or 6 when I first listened to music. I might have heard music before that, but I don't remember! A like other singers too, But I only like 1 or 2 songs from them. I love all the songs from these singers. This is it for my music project! :) By: Janofa.M
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