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Usa - Black history

No description

Thor Blach

on 21 December 2015

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Transcript of Usa - Black history

The African - American peoples'
history in the USA
Civil Rights Movement
The Ciwil War
Rising conflict up to the war

John Brown protest against slavery

Willing to armed war

Fort Summer

"Funny" facts about the Civil War
The most deadly war USA has ever partipated in
Allthough they lost the war, the southern states had the best generals
There actually were many low-key-affairs during the war
Affirmative action
Arguments for Affirmative Action
A more equal and tolerant community
More opportunities for disadvantaged people
Arguments against Affirmative Action
Reverse discrimination
People who are not qualified for the job
Usa - Black history
Forced to America Early 17th century

Cotton production

Ku Klux Klan Public lynchings

Abraham Lincoln and abolition
Equality and civil rights
African - Americans
Nonviolent actions
'Seperate but equal'
The Butler
Martin Luther King
Rosa Park Bus incident
Segregation - separate but equal
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