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CHANEL - Kinetic Colours Q1 2010

Best example of inter-department collaboration, Best one-off execution

Dylan Mouratsing

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of CHANEL - Kinetic Colours Q1 2010

the solution the results the challenge kinetic colours Q1 2010 Dylan Mouratsing
Nick Mawditt
Daryl Bloomfield
John Gostick
Helen Golds
Julie Duranton Best Inter-Departmental Collaboration

Best One-Off Execution international people planning Helen and Paul presented the rail digital eyetracking study to Chanel towards the end of 2009.

Being well-received, they asked Kinetic People for any updates or extra information they might find useful.

Nick and Dylan were plannning a new study, in the mall environment.

We jointly assembled a proposal, and the client signed off on a week of exclusive data on their Coco Mademoiselle and No 5 campaigns. hardware project management analysis We procured an HD sensor, wide lens, and computer with the assistance of John.

The energy saving scheme of the display meant power would be cut altogether every evening.

We worked together on a solution that would have the system power itself back up each morning.

Daryl helped adapt the logging software so it would save the data we needed. We worked with Clear Channel to adapt static artwork into simulated scrollers.

We scheduled copy changes hourly to pull apart differences between animation, execution, etc.

A crisis with the power supply to the unit led to a conference call between engineers at the shopping centre, Dylan in London, and John in Harrogate. This was the only way we were able to leave the unit to record by itself. Daryl used META's Cognos platform to crunch millions of rows of data to build a data cube incorporating what we knew about animation, campaign, daypart, day-of-week to compare against new data at individual shopper level:

Total Contacts / Engagement Time

This was then analysed by Dylan and Nick to create a presentation of actionable insights that exceeded Chanel's expectations. % £ ! " " Shoppers see the digital screen as an impactful showcase for Chanel " " Chanel No5 static artwork evoked the most happy expressions, and the longest glances
" " Younger audiences look for longer – less motion worked best for older shoppers
" " Engagement duration tripled at the weekend " " Animation appeared more impactful than full video Data acted as a basis for costing rationale to judge digital premiums charged by media owners Brought PR to Kinetic - project covered in Marketing Magazine and Media Week / Brand Republic online Cements our leadership position in Out of Home media

Delighted the client, guiding the future of their advertising from both creative and media perspectives

Led to increased use of digital by the client and new business outside of the core fragrance brief

Created a new solution to sell into advertisers, agencies and media owners around the world Encouraged take up of digital in malls and airports - Julie planned and bought over £750k in airports alone in 2010 (vs. £400k in 2009) Built a new solution to take to other environments (Trafford Centre, London City Airport, London Underground), chargeable with no additional investment required from Kinetic Ready to deploy by other Kinetic offices around the world entry by dylan mouratsing Key People click
watch Generated £5k for the study itself, with Chanel requesting first refusal on further studies Now booking media for Chanel Watches on the basis of this quantified proof - new business for Kinetic thank you
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