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David Beckham

English soccer player

tyler hull

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of David Beckham

David Beckham English league soccer player Who he's played for Los Angales Galaxy Ac Milan English National team Manchester United Real Madrid Achievements twice runner up of
Fifa World player of the year world highest paid player in 2004 First to play 100 champions leaugue maches Googles most searched in
sports in 2003 and 2004 captain of the England national
soccer team for 6 years Championships champions league six
time champion la Liga Champion two time World cup Qualifier About David Beckham born May 2, 1975 curently midfielder for Ac milan started his pro career in 1991 married to Victoria Beckham has three sons born in Leystone London Hardships failed out of school at 16 red card in French World cup
which made his life a misery he had a bone in his foot
brokenand almost missed
the World cup 2002 He curently has a ruptured Achilles'
tendon and most likely will not be
able to play in this years world cup Childhood Was a devoted Manchester united fan.
Was a great cross-country runner.
Played soccer with his dad for hours daily
Won a training session with FC Barcelona
Attended Tottenham Hotspur's school of exellence Early career signed for Manchest united youth program
droped out of school at 16
Became a regular starter for Manchester United

Adult He became a fan favorite for Manchester United
He got a spot on the England National team
Maried Victoria Adams
Had three sons
Became a main fashion advertisment why he's a hero? he has been through hard times and still plays
He has scored over 120 goals
He has played over 600 games
He is an icon for soccer
He is a clear role model
He sets a high skill standard David Beckham, My hero
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