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Hirdesh Singh (Yo Yo Honey Singh)

No description

Harleen Kaur

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of Hirdesh Singh (Yo Yo Honey Singh)

Childhood and Young Adulthood (school/university)
The awards YYHS has received
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One interesting fact about Yo Yo Honey Singh is that he is the only musical artist that gets paid the highest salary. Another interesting fact about him is that beyond 11 million people are following Honey Singh across Facebook and Twitter. Another fact is people from 27 languages are listening to his music. Another fact is people from 27 countries listen to Yo Yo Honey Singh. Did you know that about 12 million fans are following Yo Yo Honey Singh on social media, also that over 201 million + views on youtube videos. One of Yo Yo Honey Singh labels are Mafia Mundeer.
- The ETC award for the best sound for the song "Glassi"(2006)
- The PTC award for the best Folk Pop Award for Rebirth(2009)
- The PTC Best Music Director for the song "Desi Daroo"(2010)
- The PTC Best Music Director for the album Folkstar(2011)
- The PTC Punjabi Best Music Director for the album International Villager(2012)
- Brit Asia(UK)Best International Act(2012)
- UK Asian Music Awards Best International Album(2012)
- The PTC Punjabi Film Award-Best Music director for Mirza(The Untold Story)
-The PTC Punjabi Film Award-Best Debut(Male)Mirza(The Untold Story)
-PTC Punjabi Songs of the Year Award for High Heels(2013) -Best Asian Singer of Middle East by World Top DJ's association(WTD, UAE)
- MTV VMAI Awards-Best indi artist(male) for Brown Rang(2013)
-Power Brands Glam 2013-Power Brand Award(2013)
-MTV EMA Awards-Best Indi Act (2013) for "Bring Me Back"
Hirdesh Singh (Yo Yo Honey Singh)

Yo Yo Honey Singh was born March 15th, 1984 in Hoshiarpur, Punjab in India.

He studied at Trinity School in U.K. When Yo Yo Honey Singh was in his teenage years, he started his career as a session and recording artist and later on became a bhangra music producer.
Yo Yo Honey Singh is married but denied the wedding photos being posted on the web and those photos were not of the real wedding. However, he recently admitted to be married. We did not find any information about Honey Singh's parents. Sorry!
Hirdesh Singh is popularly known by Yo Yo Honey Singh. Yo Yo Honey Singh is an Indian rapper, singer, music director and actor. He has produced many hit songs. Yo Yo Honey Singh also began to produce music for Bollywood Films.
We chose Yo Yo Honey Singh as our inspiration because he inspires us through his music. There is not much of a reason to this. Yo Yo Honey Singh has inspired us through his music to see a positive side of everything no matter how good or bad it is. We carefully listen to his lyrics and enjoy them as well as follow the positive ones. Its just something in his music which gives us various types of emotions that make us more interested in his songs .
By:Harleen Kaur
Prabhleen Nar
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