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Library Tools for Research in Health and Medicine

Learning Objectives: Formulating health/medical topics; Finding peer-reviewed, scholarly resources; Searching PubMed and Web of Science; Finding full-text articles; Getting started with EndNote Web

Robyn Rosasco

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Library Tools for Research in Health and Medicine

Library Tools for Research in Health and Medicine
Robyn Rosasco, MSLIS
6 March 2013

Formulating health/medical topics
Finding peer-reviewed, scholarly resources
Searching PubMed and Web of Science
Finding full-text articles
Getting started with EndNote Web

Find/Refine a Topic Using MedlinePlus:
Current information and news on consumer health:
community issues
health needs
common diseases
cultural issues
underserved populations, etc.
Topics Chosen/Refined: Next Steps
E-books: background information
Not created equal: different publishers, interfaces, printing abilities
E-books list (or tab) on our website with subject categories; for keyword search use GO, not Enter
Research page on med library website:
Under Academic/Research, select Research Support, then Research Databases
Medical Informatics Resources:
Writers' Resources
Style Guides
Health statistics, etc.
E-Book Practice: Search the library’s e-book collection to find the book by Benzon about pain management. What is its title?
Atlas of Interventional Pain Management

Raj’s Practical Management of Pain

Handbook of Pain Management

Essentials of Pain Medicine and Regional Anesthesia
Decide on terms for at least two concepts:
A population, underserved, age defined, regional, etc.
A health issue, such as obesity, hypertension, etc.

Develop a search for each term using Boolean OR

Perform a Boolean AND search to combine the concepts
Getting to PubMed
E-books located under Resources or under E-Books tab
Journal Articles: Current Research
Peer-reviewed articles: report on original research
Use an indexing resource such as PubMed (i.e., MEDLINE) or Web of Science (Primary)

Review articles: usually comprehensive overviews of current literature (Secondary)

More databases: Resources > FSU Libraries -- Databases A-Z and Databases by Subject
Boolean Logic
Boolean AND
Congenital, Heart
Boolean OR
disease, defect
congenital AND heart
disease OR defect
Other Boolean Operators
Truncation: *
"Quotation marks"
PubMed Demo
Research Concepts
Disease OR Defect
Pregnant OR Pregnancy
((heart AND congenital) AND (disease OR defect)) AND (pregnancy OR pregnant)
Boolean Search Operators: Which search strategy in PubMed will result in the largest number of hits?
hispanic* AND (female* OR woman OR women)

“hispanic women”

hispanic AND women
Heart OR cardiac OR cardiology
MeSH: More Terms to Search
The PubMed Search – Filter Menu
Initial search on congenital heart defects – 117,020 hits
The PubMed Search – Details
The term Pregnancy, High-Risk is an official MeSH term; nonetheless, the search engine interpreted it more broadly
Check the Search details box (lower right of the search screen)
You can edit the text in the box, then click the Search button to modify your search
See more… provides a bigger screen for editing
The PubMed Search – Advanced
Search History shows the searches you have done in this session and the number of hits each produced
Boolean operators combine the searches and produce a more complex and refined result
Syntax pointers:
Make sure there is # before search numbers
If manually entering, operators must be in ALL CAPS (AND, OR, NOT) to save the search in My NCBI
PubMed – My NCBI
Create a personal account in My NCBI
Set preferences for underlining search terms in results, sorting results in tabs, email for automatically updating searches, etc.
PubMed – My NCBI Feature Examples
Search updates set to be emailed weekly
Search Filters may be set as default (when signed in)
PubMed: Save Results to My NCBI
Mark citations to save (default is all)
Select Send to (very small link on the right)
Choose Collections (Add to Collections); should change to My NCBI screen
Saving Searches/Citations: What is the name of the PubMed tool where you can save search strategies and citations?
My PubMed

My EndNote


Finding Full Text from PubMed
FSU button links directly to full text of the article -- if we subscribe to the journal *and* the publisher participates in the LinkOut program
FSU button may be to the right of a single record or on the bottom of records in Display Settings: Abstract
If no FSU button, see "Tips for Locating Full-Text Articles"
Last resort is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
Finding articles: Locate the full text of the following article:

Heart disease in pregnancy: cardiac and obstetric outcomes.

What is the fifth word in the article?



Learning Objectives:
Use Limits to narrow search to Humans, English, 19+, Female, and last 5 years – 5,049 hits.
Web of Knowledge/Science
Use MedResource List button (top right of library homepage)
Select the Web of Science Tab (includes social science)
Web of Knowledge/Science
Search strategy can be simple or complex
Can limit by years, database types, languages, document types
Search History has feature for saving searches, etc.
Can conduct a Related Records search
Finding Full Text from WOS: What is the sixth word in the 2010 article on Gardasil by Anthony Smith?
Web of Science Demo



A word on EndNote Web.
Thank you for your time and attention!
Save citations in groups called Collections
Maguire Medical Library Home Page:
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