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Superfudge Book Project

Huge Hikers

Lauren Wade

on 18 May 2012

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Transcript of Superfudge Book Project

By Jaden, Taja, Bryce, Jake Outside, the house is painted yellow and the shutters are white. The windows and doorway are slightly crooked. Dad says that's part of the charm of the house. I know better then to tell him what I think. Chapter:2
Page: 16
Paragraph: 1 This a list of the 4 events that Bryce is
responsible for.
1. Toots super Fudge On February 26, while my fifth grade class was on a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, my sister was born. Later I found out that she was born at exactly 2:04 in the afternoon, just as we were in the Egyptian room studying mummies. chapter:5
paragraph:2 On the morning of the move, Mom woke me at six On the morning of the move, Mom woke me at six o' clock. I still had to pack my carton of special things. But first I wanted some juice. I'm always thirsty first thing in the morning. On my way to the kitchen I passed Tootsie's crib. She was watching her mobile and gurgling away. She was also covered with trading stamps. They were stuck to her arms, her legs, her belly, and her face. She even had one on top of her head, one pasted to the bottom of each foot. "Hey Mom..." I called. Credits

Bryce Lister................Events

Jaden Arnold...............Setting

Jake Fagan....................Character

Taja White.....................Events Fudge wants a baby like him
Page 11
Paragraph7 Events Bryce is responsible for:
5.The Hatcher family moves, 6.Tootsie learns to crawl, 7.Tootsie learns to walk, 8. Tootsie learns to talk: "Nu Yuck" (New York) SuperFudge Chapter: 2
Paragraph: 1
Page: 16 Chapter: 4
Page: 46-47
Paragraph: 12 On February 26, while my fifth grade class was on a trip to Metropolitan Museum of Art, my sister was born at exactly 2:04 in the Afternoon just as we were in the Egyptian room, studying mummies. Book project By: Jaden Arnold, Taja White, Jake Fagan, and Bryce Lister These are the 4 events that Taja is responsible for .
1. They are getting another baby.

2. They announce they are moving.

3. Peter gets into an argument.

4. Their baby is born. This is the Hatcher's House Huge Hikers I put my Adidas bag down
and tried shaking Fudge
off one more time. page 11 paragraph8
Brown Hair
Green shirt
Blue jeans
Long arms
red shoes
Brown eyes Physical Personality Gets mad easily
Cares for things
annoyed easily
Physical Personality Weird
Gets embarrassed

Orange eyes
Orange shirt
Orange hair
Green shoes
Blue pants
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