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what factors encouraged the development of a totalitarian go

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gilbert barron

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of what factors encouraged the development of a totalitarian go

what factors encouraged the development of a totalitarian government in this country?
the factors were that living conditions were degrading and the need for more men in the war.
who was the primary leader who took power and his political party
General Francisco Franco took power and he belonged to the falange party.
what methods did the leader use to take power?
the method used by franco was popular vote by the rebels.
in what ways, if any, did the leader appeal to the people
General Franco appealed to the people because he was a war hero.
what actions did the leader take to control the country?
the actions General Franco took to control the counrty were that he became a dictator by using his emergency power she got during the war.
The Rise of facism and Totalitarian States
section 4
The Spanish Civil War
Pedro Peterson, Carlos Razo, Jennifer Hernandez, Gilbert Barron, Joclyn Guitierrez, and Edgar Flores.
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